Hannah and Daniel

Hannah and Daniel's Engagement in My Nana’s house for her last Christmas.

How We Met

Daniel and I first met in college back in 2013. We had a few classes together and I couldn’t help but notice a cute college baseball player sitting just a few rows away from me in lecture. We both went about our normal lives for years, me thinking he hardly noticed me, but in 2016 he reached out to me and we reconnected! I couldn’t help but think that this cute college baseball player I had the biggest crush on was finally reaching out to me and I was not gonna let him slip this time! October of 2016 we had our first date down in Baton Rouge at an LSU game because that’s where he was living and working at the time. I would drive to him on weekends that I wasn’t studying for nursing school and he would drive up to Tennessee to be with me for just one night! We spent many hours on the phone each night talking to one another and even falling asleep while doing so. For Christmas one year I even bought a fake little Christmas tree for his apartment, knowing he was away from family and carried that darn thing on the plane with me the whole way! He loved it when he saw me get off that plane. In 2018 It came time for Daniel to make a decision, keep doing long-distance or move up to Tennessee to be with me. Daniel sacrificed so much and decided to make the big move! Daniel started a new job and we bought a house once I got out of nursing school a few months later. We were living the dream!

Proposal Ideas My Nana’s house for her last Christmas.

How They Asked

As Daniel and I grew together as a couple and learning to live together as a couple, the time came for him to pop the BIG question. He knew family was important to me and he knew my Nana was even more important to me. Unfortunately, my Nana had been fighting cancer for a few years and was getting very sick. The first Saturday of every December was her Christmas, so traditionally we all pile in the car and travel to Ohio to be with her for her Christmas. The only person missing was Daniel.

He wasn’t able to make it due to work and I was okay with that. As we make our way to Ohio for the weekend, we begin to help set up Nana’s house. I mean, decorations and family everywhere!!! In the middle of setting up, my Nana calls me into the living room…and that’s where I see Daniel standing right in the middle. I was in shock!! I immediately started ugly crying and turned away because I noticed everyone was filming me. At that time Daniel walked up to me, hugged me, got down on one knee, and asked me the BIG question…right in front of my Nana!!