Hannah and Dan

Dan goes out of town a lot for work and would be out of town for my birthday this year. I was sad I wouldn’t see him on my birthday, but we celebrated the week before. My family was celebrating for all of the birthdays that month at a park that happened to be Dan and I’s favorite park. I had suspicions that he may be proposing for many different reasons and started to get excited. I explained it to my mom who told me that he hadn’t asked my dads permission yet but he did, he just didn’t say when he was going to ask me. My mom is the WORST when it comes to keeping secrets/telling white lies, so I thought it had to be true and it ruined my whole birthday night. The next day my family went to the park ‘to celebrate all family birthdays in September’ (4 of us) We all ended up going on a walk for a nature scavenger hunt for ‘an assignment for my nieces/nephew’s class’ on one of the paths. At one point we decided to take a family picture. When I was standing and smiling at the camera I felt someone poke my back and when I turned around there was Dan on down on his knee.

Image 1 of Hannah and Dan

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Chris Schooler
 | Photography/video