Hannah and Dale

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How We Met

I’ve known Dale since I was about 7 or 8 years old, we live in a very small village in Northumberland where everyone knows everyone, and we all go to the central hub of the village… the Cricket Club. When we were younger Dale used to be pretty good and played for County, this of course made him seem like some kind of Olympic athlete to me and I absolutely fancied the pants off him. The only problem was I was a year younger than him so he never noticed me. Fast forward to when we are 16, we’ve lost contact and to be honest I had completely forgotten about him! Dale, being a year older, has just passed his driving test and was whizzing around all over the place in his little white car. He tells me now that he happened to drive past me and recognised me and fancied me straight away, he told his friends he ‘had to get me’ and proceeded to drive past me another 10 times to get my attention. I, of course, just saw some lunactic in a white car who didn’t quite seem to know where he was going. After about the 8th time he passed I realised it was Dale and I wondered what the hell he was doing. He added me on Facebook later that day and tried to ‘chat me up’, unfortunately at this point I had a boyfriend and was only interested in being friends. Again, fast forward about 4 months, me and Dale have become best friends, he’d been very respectful of the fact that I had a boyfriend and was there for me for everything, but we would talk on the phone for hours and I realised we were growing too close. Dale told me, after my boyfriend had upset me (again) that he loved me too much to watch me get hurt again and walked away. It only took me about 3 days apart for me to realise I never wanted to spend a single day without him and that I loved him too. We’ve now been together for 7 & 1/2 years and he’s now my fiancé, but he’ll always be my best friend first!

how they asked

So to start off, let me just mention… I’m a Wedding Coordinator, so Dale had a massive job on his hands to keep me happy! Dale surprised me with a trip to Portugal for my Birthday, my Mum is Portuguese so it was an amazing surprise as I would get to see all my family over there. He woke me up every morning with a present for each day of the holiday, gorgeous Jewellery, dresses, etc. One morning he woke me up at 5 am and told me to get ready as he had a surprise for me. We got in the car and drove through the pitch black for ages, into the middle of nowhere. I didn’t have a clue where we were going. When we finally arrived, there was a Private Hot Air Balloon waiting for us with Champagne, to take us up to watch the sun rise over Portugal. I couldn’t believe how amazing the view was, being in the clouds as they were turning pink with the sun was absolutely unreal.

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Then Dale asked Bruno our pilot to hold his Go Pro camera and film us and then asked me if I would like my present for today,.. of course I said yes… and then I couldn’t believe my eyes when he pulled out the Vera Wang ring box!

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He got down on one knee in the very small balloon basket and asked me to be his Wife…

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I was LITERALLY on Cloud Nine. I obviously couldn’t say yes fast enough! Once we had taken about a million pictures and my face hurt from smiling so much, it was time to land. On the way down, we accidentally hit a tree and I ALMOST fell out the basket! This caused us to land at a different site than planned and we actually ended up getting stranded for 2 hours!

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And we literally couldn’t have cared less, we were in the middle of nowhere, completely lost with Bruno, and we couldn’t have been happier. We had such a brilliant and hilarious adventure trying to get back that it only made the day more memorable and funny. When the crew eventually found us we all celebrated with Champagne and they even carved the cork of the bottle into a mini hot air balloon for us to us as a cake-topper on our wedding day! We can’t thank them enough for such a wonderful day that we will never forget! To top it all off, the next day Dale surprised me again with a Skydive (photo above)!!! And I still don’t think I’ve come down from Cloud Nine ever since!!!

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