Hannah and Corey

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How We Met

Online. End of story! Actually, after many failed attempts at finding ‘Mr. Right’, Hannah took the advice of her co-worker and friend to give online dating a try. She had met her husband online, so why not? After a couple of failed dates, one being a rescue by her Matron of Honor, Hannah started chatting with Corey online. He said he created the profile just to chat with her because he was browsing through and couldn’t decide if creating an account was worth it, until he came across Hannah’s photo. On April 2, 2014, Corey took the plunge and messaged Hannah. Numerous messages later, they switched it over to text messages.

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Countless hours of messaging later, Corey and Hannah decided to go on a first date. On April 6, 2014, they met at the Dave and Busters in Cary. Both being highly competitive and very good at trash talking, they agreed this would be the best option. Corey met Hannah at the front door and before saying anything, he handed her a pack of tissues and said, “You’re going to need these later when I kick your butt in every game here.” (Disclaimer: Ultimately, Corey will say he won every game, but ask him about the Jump Rope game!).

The rest is history.

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how they asked

Corey took over two months of planning to come up with the best proposal. It took a lot of sneaking around and lying, but Hannah definitely forgave him for it!

It started with the simple lie that Corey had a work function with his company on November 14. It was supposed to be a silent auction with lots of food and drinks for everyone attending. A fundraiser for kids he said. Around the beginning of October, Corey told Hannah to take off work on that day (because she always seemed to be working!) He even had a co-worker help in the elaborate scheme and text Hannah to tell her what was best to wear for the event. The Friday before, C even went to the event site to “set-up” for the next day.

On the morning of November 14, Corey had a “conference call” at 10am at work. Hannah didn’t ask any questions because this had happened before in the past. Corey told Hannah to be ready at 11:00am sharp because his boss said he didn’t want ANYONE to be late to this event. So, after countless outfit changes and texting of best friends, Hannah got ready for the all-day event that would include a lot of eating and drinking. She even considered taking her cheque book with her for the silent auction just in case they didn’t take cards!

At 11:05, Corey still had not showed up, Hannah reluctantly texted him asking if he was coming home, and he said he would be there in 5 minutes. A little later, Corey texted Hannah and told her he was here and to come on outside. Hannah walked outside looking for his truck, but did not see it. At that same moment, a white limousine drove into the parking lot. Not knowing what to do, Hannah awkwardly walked toward her car thinking the limo was for someone else and didn’t want to confuse the driver. The driver stepped out, looked at Hannah and said, “This ride is for you ma’am.” Still confused, Hannah stepped into the limo and was immediately greeted by her two best friends. They had mimosas in hand and handed her a letter.

The two page letter was beautifully written from Corey and it recounted their past year and a half together. The best friends wouldn’t tell Hannah where she was going, but encouraged her to stay calm and positive while they chatted. The limousine stopped outside the Durham Performing Arts Center. Hannah exited the limo and was told to walk until she saw something. That something was her dad, mom, brother, and sister-in-law. They greeted her with warm hugs and handed her another letter to read from Corey. He wrote about how family has always been important and will continue to be a big part of our lives in the future. Hannah’s family then told her she had another stop to go to. They walked with her down the path to her second destination.

At the second stop, Hannah’s grandparents were there to greet her. At this point, the tears were streaming! They handed her another letter from Corey, and told her to continue walking down the sidewalk until she found something else. They left her to do this walk alone.

At the third stop, Hannah was greeted by Corey’s family. Hannah couldn’t believe that his grandparents, dad, aunt, uncle and cousins all drove over 5 HOURS to be there! Another letter was handed to Hannah and she read it aloud to his family. He said, “Not only do you get me for the rest of your life, but you also inherit this group of goons.” After a good laugh, Corey’s family sent Hannah on her way and told her to find her next destination.

At the fourth stop, right outside of the Durham Bulls Stadium where Hannah used to work, stood all of her closest friends. They traveled from near and far to help with this proposal. They handed Hannah another letter. After reading it and taking a quick group selfie, her and her friends walked to the final destination.

Side-note: Hannah has always talked about how much she loved the Tobacco Road Campus and if money wasn’t an issue, she would get married there. Hence the reason for everything happening in this location! Hannah and her friends walked together to the old water tower where Corey stood with everyone that was involved during this elaborate plan. Corey whispered in Hannah’s ear, and then got down on one knee to pop the question.

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She quickly said yes and everyone erupted in excitement.

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After the engagement, everyone went to a private room at the restaurant next door to enjoy lunch and the day.

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