Hannah and Corey

How We Met

We met our freshman year of high school at an after-school church event. Corey didn’t normally attend the church, but a mutual friend of ours had invited him that week because of the special event. I was sitting in the pew in front of Corey & our friend, so when I turned to say hello, Corey jumped right in to introduce himself. I had known of Corey prior to this meeting because we would pass each other at school every day as I was leaving Math and he was going into Math, and I thought he was very attractive. So when he interrupted to say Hello, I said something completely stupid along the lines of “I think we are friends on Facebook.” Later that evening, our mutual friend made a joke about how we should go to homecoming together and the rest is history… We have been together for 8 years now.

how they asked

We were in the north woods of Wisconsin for a long weekend with a few of our friends. We had spent the whole day skiing, enjoying the sun, and then went to dinner at a restaurant on the lake that you have to drive your boat to get there. After dinner, we were cruising around the lake enjoying the most beautiful evening we had all summer when we came across a private island in the middle of the lake and Corey said: “let’s go check it out!” (This was very normal of him, so I didn’t think anything of it!) When we beached the boat I noticed there was a family party going on, so I made a comment about not going up and bothering them, but Corey and our two best friends insisted it was fine and we would stay on the other half of the island. So we got out and started walking around on the side of the island where no people were when Corey started to walk towards the family party. I told him to stop, but he goes “I don’t think they will mind” and then yelled “Hi” to all the people when we got closer. Just then, everyone turned around and it was ALL of our family and closest friends, I yelled “What is happening?” (in complete shock) Then turned to Corey, and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Hannah and Corey's Engagement in Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin

I had absolutely no idea, full-blown ugly cried for too long — It was the best day of my life. The island was perfect, there were tiki torches everywhere, the sun was beginning to set, and we were surrounded by all of our closest friends & family. It was the most perfect day and got even better at the end of the night when we were blessed with a breathtaking Blood Moon that shined on the water in the shape of a cross.