Hannah and Colby

How We Met: We met and dated in high school, but went our separate ways when he moved to go to college. He was a year older than me, so I was going into my senior year when he left. After about a year and a half of not talking we reconnected. We made the decision to start dating again, but it was a long distance thing. I remember the first time I saw him after we started talking again, I knew that I needed him in my life forever.

Image 1 of Hannah and Colby

how they asked: After three and a half years of dating, I knew that eventually he was going to propose especially because we had talked about it. I was convinced it would not be a surprise and I would know exactly when it was going to happen. Well I was very wrong. We were in St. pete for a mini weekend vacation, I told my friend I didn’t think it would happen because we were going to a wedding and his sister in law was coming into town on Sunday. It was Friday night, so we were at the hotel getting ready to go out to dinner with friends. He said that some of his friends were at the beach and we should walk down to see them. When we were walking down the beach he said we needed to go up towards a hotel, I remember asking him if there was a bar we were going to and being really worried we were going to miss our reservation. I was not thinking about him proposing at all. As we walking there were tiki torches and a bottle with a message in it and he told me to pick it up; I said no because it wasn’t our stuff and I was worried that someone was going to come up and yell at us. I told him he should pick it up, then he insisted that I picked it up and it all starting to click. I picked up and unrolled the paper that said will you marry me; when I unfolded it he got down on one knee. I couldn’t have been more surprised or excited. Image 2 of Hannah and Colby


Photo by Tommy Eliason