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how they asked

I wanted to write in and tell you all about the most amazing day of my life, because the man who made it happen deserves to be recognized! On July 26th, Cody Lane and I from lexington KY, flew to his hometown of Riverton Wyoming to visit his family. Now we took 2 days out of our 10 day vacation to visit Yellowstone, and Jackson hole because jackson hole has a very special place in my heart. My grandfather loved riding motor cycles there, and now that he’s passed, I love seeing what he saw and I love falling in love with what he loved. On day #2 of yellowstone, Cody woke me up (we were camping) at 4:30AM and said, “we need to go, theres a trail I wanna hike and I wanna see it at sunrise.” After a little bit, okay, a lot of trying to convince him to go back to sleep, we left. At 7:30am we arrived, not at a trail, but at a giant HOT AIR BALLOON!

He had arranged from us to have a sunrise, hot air balloon tour over Jackson Hole, and the grand Tetons. The entire time, I was beyond nervous because I knew he was gonna ask me, I just knew it. But finally, we touched back down, and no questions had been asked. The workers got a table ready, with champagne and orange juice, we cheered right under the Tetons and still, NOT A QUESTION. So we left and headed back to pack up camp, we took showers and he let me take all the time I needed to get ready (which made me suspicious.) After getting ready he told me we were having dinner at a beautiful place in Teton Village on top of one of the Teton points called Piste Mountain Bistro. When we got there, we took a beautiful tram ride to the top, had a view from our dinner table that was half outside half inside of miles of mountains as far as you can see. We have a four course meal that was beyond amazing, loving chats, good laughs, but still no question.

At this point it was a very quiet Tram ride back down the mountain, I was feeling like “maybe he doesn’t wanna marry me, maybe he just likes really elaborate dates.” As my emotions slowly heightened, somewhat from a lack of sleep and too many hikes, I decided I was just gonna tell him how I felt. Safe to say, it was a very quiet car ride two hours back to Riverton Wyoming. When we almost made it back to his childhood home, Cody told me we needed to stop by his brothers house and pick up his high school truck, it was a classic and his family had just gotten it running for him again. I kinda argued with him saying, ” Its 10:30pm, why in the world cant we go home and sleep, and pick it up tomorrow.” But this, I would soon find out. After getting in the truck, we drove about 30 seconds down to Codys home, and thats where I saw it, a question cut out of wood in huge white letters I would never forget “Marry Me.”

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The whole proposal was very elaborate, I mean it lasted all day long “literally.” The letters were cut out of wood and painted white, they were outlined in twinkle lights and surrounded by over 200 sunflowers.

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The driveway was lined with wooden poles wrapped in laced burlap and lights that were strung to each one creating a canopy for us to drive under. The sign was leaning up against 6 big hay barrels, that had mason jars with candles inside, sun flowers everywhere, and tons of beautiful frames that held all the memories since the beginning of us.

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Everything the entire day he did because he knew me so well, the balloon ride was on my bucket list. The dinner on the mountain was just beautiful. He knows I love lights at night, sun flowers are my favorite, pictures are my life, even down to the classic car and the picnic basket in the back with our champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

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He knew me so well, so well that he did the first part of the day so I wouldn’t have a clue he would be proposing that night.

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He took what he knew, and made July 26th the most special day of my life, and he ended it by telling me “you didn’t just deserve a proposal, you deserved an entire day.”

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