Hannah and Cliff

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How We Met

We met through one of my friends sam in 2011 when we were 18, she had dated his brother and my boyfriend at the time dumped me and I was down in the dumps and cliff had just been rejected by a girl he had liked, so sam gave cliff my number to talk and maybe get to know each other and the first thing he said was he lovers my name. After a few weeks of texting we decided to meet up at the outdoor movie theater, but cliff didn’t have his license so 3 of his buddys drove him and I brought Sam.

He forgot a chair so the first time I meet this guy I’m sitting on his lap through a whole movie, after the movie we talked a bit and then we had our first (totally awkward ) kiss. And the rest is history.

how they asked

Ever sense I was in elementary school I loved elephantseeing they are my favorite animal the they are scattered all around my house, well cliff knows this and for my 25th birthday he surprised me with tickets to meet and pet and hangout with one for a whole hour!!! The catch was it was all the way in Virginia. I was so excited I cried and my best friend got to come with. So we had to drive 12 hours which turned into 14. When we got to the zoo the trainer brought her out and called me over and I was in awe with how amazing this creature was (her name was beautiful which was fitting for her) I got to pet her learn about her then he hands me a huge pumpkin and SAS feed it to her, I was like ummm okay so she sucks it um with her trunk and puts it in her mouth (really cool to see up close) then he says she wants to give you something, he places something in her trunk and she put it in my hand then I turned to cliff and he’s on one knee with a sign he made that says “will you marry me” and I obviously said yes!!! He made my life long deam come true and I’ll never forget that day for many reasons. I also got to ride her bare back that was unbelievable

Hannah and Cliff's Engagement in Virginia

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