Hannah and Chris's Hunting Proposal

how they asked

My fiancé is a huge hunter and we like to go shed hunting after the deer have dropped their antlers. But the night before we went shed hunting, he had remodeled half of our house and I had no kitchen or laundry room. I DID NOT want to spend our Saturday morning shed hunting when half of our house was torn apart. He was lucky I didn’t wear my slippers and robe out to our friend’s land.

Chris has this all planned out, but it seems like every chance I had I tried to ruin his plans without even knowing. I was late in the first place, I didn’t want to walk miles and miles because I just had a long practice. I also was getting very frustrated because I couldn’t find a shed.

Half mile later, I see a shed about 100 meters away. I just start sprinting because I’ve never actually found a shed all on my own. I was so excited, it was huge! I grabbed it, flung it up in the air and turned around to show Chris. As I’m turning around he had just caught up to me. He got down on one knee and asked me to look at the shed. I looked down and it said, “Hannah will you marry me?”

I was so surprised! I honestly had no idea that shed hunting would turn into spending the rest of my life with my best friend!

Image 1 of Hannah and Chris

Image 2 of Hannah and Chris

Image 3 of Hannah and Chris

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