Hannah and Chris

How We Met

Chris and I met at my first job right out of college in Colorado. We were desk partners and both dating other people at the time. We quickly became best friends and when we weren’t playing DDR, we would go in to work on the weekends together. I would bring Starbucks and he would bring Carl’s Jr breakfast sandwiches. About 2 years in to being friends, we both broke up with our significant others. I remember the day so clearly when he asked me to have dinner at his place (steak and asparagus…he knew I loved asparagus but he hated it – now he loves it!). I thought to myself “No, this is weird. We work together AND we’re best friends.” Persistent he was, and he proceeded to ask me out again and again until I finally said yes. My family had already met Chris, he’s from South Carolina and doesn’t have much family close by, so we would always join our family dinners. They grew to love him instantly so when I mentioned going on a date with him to my mom she instantly said, “you just need to be with someone like Chris.” To this day I can’t stop thinking about how mom’s really do know best. After our first date we became boyfriend and girlfriend right away, and the rest is history since then.

how they asked

About 3.5 years into our relationship Chris (finally!) popped the question in Taos, New Mexico after an amazing weekend in Albuquerque at the Balloon Fiesta with some of our close friends. I’m a planner and very hard to surprise, so both friends were in on the proposal the whole weekend. Chris was waiting for the perfect moment all weekend to surprise me when I’d least expect it. After we left the Ballon Fiesta I thought to myself, “it’s clearly not happening this trip.” I woke up the next day for the ride home, french braided my hair and threw on some sneaks with my dress. A few hours into the drive, we stopped at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and it was SO windy. I was in a dress so I barely made it 10 minutes out on the chilly bridge and was ready to get back on the road. As we started walking back to the car, the clouds open up, the sun came out, and the wind stopped altogether. That’s when Chris got down on one knee as we posed for pictures. Our friend Lisa jumped into the road to capture the moment and then pulled the champagne out of her purse that she had been carrying the whole weekend. October 7th was the day I got engaged to my best friend and it was the first time I’ve ever been left speechless and surprised. I said “yes” and then Chris said, “I wasn’t going to leave the Land of Enchantment without asking you to marry me.”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Taos, New Mexico

Proposal Ideas Taos, New Mexico

Special Thanks

Lisa Rayburg
 | Photographer
Matthew Regenie
 | Planning