Hannah and Chandler


How We Met

January 2015 was the beginning of our soon to be Happily Ever After. I joined the Spring 2015 Disney College Program, and Chandler was one of my many leaders. I’m a firm believer in divine intervention, and that is the only way I know how to describe what happened to us. My first official day of work Chandler was the leader that did my tier 3 meeting, it just so happened he had just transferred to the area himself. In a place like Disney World it is not coincidence that I and he were both placed in Disney’s Animal Kingdoms, Asia during the same week. Jump ahead, 4 months have gone by and Chandler and I developed a quirky friendship of always “casually” running into one another, and my favorite one liner “I know I’m your favorite!”. On our last day of work together before I packed my bags and moved back to sweet Tennessee, Chandler asked me out on our first date. With many flights, and tearful airport goodbyes over the past year our Once Upon a Time officially began.

how they asked

Chandler and I got engaged at his Granny’s house in Selma, Al. After a two week vacation for me in Orlando we stopped at Granny’s for a couple of days on our road trip home. For as long as I can remember Chandler has been joking about getting me a ring from a Cracker Jack box. So on the morning of August 17th we walked to the front of the house to meet his Granny on the front porch who just so happened to be eating Cracker Jacks. He pulled me into his arms at the bottom of the porch stairs and asked me what my favorite scripture verse was. I told him Jeremiah 29:11, he preceded to quote it to me and tell me he had an important question to ask me.

He stepped back and went to grab the Cracker Jacks from Granny. Inside was a ring box, as he opened the ring box to reveal what I thought was a ring, I was completely shocked to see no ring at all. The crazy banter began between Chandler and Granny of where the ring could possibly be, did it fall in the bag, did it get eaten? Before I know it Chandler is running around the side of the house saying he thinks he knows where it might be. Moments later when he returns not only has he “found” the ring, but he has my parents in tow. They had driven 5 hours the night before to surprise me on this day. All the ugly tears came out to play! When he approached me my daddy handed him the ring and he knelt on one knee.


It was all I could do to nod my head fervently when he asked if I would marry him.


I will forever remember this incredibly day.