Hannah and Chad


How We Met

Chad and I met in college at the beginning of my freshman year and his senior year. We were both athletes and had a mutual friend that was his teammate. Our friend introduced us one night and I completely blew Chad off at first. Fast forward to the next weekend where my friend inviting me over and there was Chad again. We ended up talking the entire night. I instantly felt a connection with him, but was unsure (and trying to play it cool) since I was this 18 year old freshman and he was a senior in college. Fast forward again after 8-9 months of hanging out (and patiently waiting for him to come around) we finally made it official in the summer of 2012!

how they asked

Our four year anniversary of dating was coming up, we had lived together a year, and had a puppy together. So I kind of had a feeling that at any moment he could pop the question. Chad had told me one of his customers was hosting a dinner at 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church, VA. I wasn’t too excited about going to a customer dinner (but hey, free food). So I actually went and bought a new dress for the occasion. We arrive at the restaurant and Chad wouldn’t use the valet service, and insisted on parking himself.

He then made us walk the back way around the restaurant through a trail basically (I wasn’t too happy because I was in wedges). One we arrived by this beautiful lake he pulled me aside and got on one knee!


I was so surprised! He also hired a photographer that captured the moment! It was the best moment of my life. A waiter brought us out champagne to celebrate.


After crying and being in shock, the photographer captured some great photos of us.

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We had an amazing dinner that night as well. It was the most perfect night. I can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams!


Special Thanks

Rosie Omar