Hannah and Chad | Seattle Scavenger Hunt Proposal

cSeattle Scavenger Hunt Proposal

How We Met: We “met” at church way back when we were little tikes. We were both Sparkies in the AWANA program… with our cute little red vests with badges and jewels…. We weren’t necessarily friends, but we had a lot of mutual friends. It is funny to look back on old memories and realize we were both there, but forgot because we weren’t necessarily friends… we were more like acquaintances.

In High School Chad and I would eat lunch together everyday. I would give my snack-pack/cookies to Chad when I didn’t want them… who knew we would be saying our vows to each other so many years later. Another coincidence is that Chad is my brother-in-law’s best friend (Jeff) and my sister (Amanda) is my best friend. We were the best man and maid of honor in their wedding about 2 1/2 years ago.

Eventually through God’s timing 17 years of being acquaintances turned into being friends… (with the return of Jeff and Amanda from Pullman) we’d meet up often to watch “Friends”….which turned into dating…. and somehow we fell madly and deeply in love.

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Seattle Scavenger Hunt Proposal

how they asked: This past Sunday (March 9th) started off like most other Sundays. Chad and I went to coffee at Starbucks (still burning through those Starbucks gift cards I got from my students at Christmas) before church. Of course I drove (I drive everywhere because Chad’s driver door still does not open). We ordered our drinks and the gal at the counter asked if there was something special about these drinks… I said no and thought that was strange.


We sat down in the big comfy chairs and talked about life and some big adventures we are planning here in the near future. When the time was starting to run out and I thought we had to get going to church, Chad pulled out an envelope from his pocket. It had an “H” on it… as he handed it to me he said, “We aren’t going to church today and I’m going to need your car keys.” The card said that this wasn’t the first stop of the day and we had a lot to do. At that moment I knew what was coming…but I didn’t know when.

We got into the car (Chad driving because it was a surprise as to where we were going). He pulled a second envelope from his pocket. This one had a cute little rhyming note to me with a couple words underlined… these were clues as to where we were headed… I couldn’t figure them out! As we got closer to the destination he said, “The ‘H’ doesn’t necessarily stand for “Hannah”, but rather our next activity”. I still couldn’t figure it out even though it was right out my car window! The “H” stood for HELICOPTER RIDE!!!! Chad and I went up in a bright yellow helicopter and flew over Seattle (We have pretty cool pictures and videos). Now, I know you are jealous… because I can guarantee most of you have not been in a HELICOPTER!

Seattle Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Seattle Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Once that adventure was over we got back in the car. There he handed me a 3rd envelope with an “H”. This clue I sort of figured out with a little help from Chad. We went to Red Robin for “Hamburgers”… there is the H. At this point I realized there was going to be a trend in these destinations/activities. They have to do with “H”. Chad cleared up our coffee date by saying “Hot drinks”… so at this point we had “Hot drinks, helicopter and hamburgers”. When Chad wasn’t at the table the waitress asked if we were celebrating anything… again… we must have been sending off some vibe of some sort because first the barista asked us, then the waitress. I told her I thought he might propose that day…. She was all giddy and excited and said dessert was on her… so we got a free dessert. Kind of awkward because I didn’t want to spill the beans to Chad I told her something that I wasn’t supposed to know.

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Anyway, after lunch I got another card, which was a clue for “Hot Tomales” which was supposed to be dessert, but we were so stuffed from Red Robin we kept them for later. My next card had a clue, which I guessed immediately because the night before Chad asked if it would be fun to go and paint pottery for a date and I said it would and we even looked up locations to go in a couple weeks…. Little did, I know he had already planned for us to go to Paint the Town and paint a plate. The girls at the Pain the Town were giving off a vibe that they knew something and kept looking at us… once we finished our plate and went up to pay did I realize why. Chad handed me another clue… and of course as obvious as the answer was I couldn’t figure it out…. The gals behind the counter handed over Hula-Hoops… that was the next activity. So we went to the parking lot and hula-hooped.

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In the next letter I figured out the location (Value Village) but I couldn’t figure out what the “H” stood for… it stood for Hats and we had to go take pictures with the ugliest ones we could find.

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After that we went to “Happy Hour” at the Melting Pot… it was more of dinner than happy hour…but he needed the H to work in his favor so we ate dinner during happy hour. We had a lovely time at the Melting Pot… when he gave me my next clue…. We had to sing a HYMN in the middle of downtown Seattle… Chad belted it out… I was giggling the entire time…. It was a memory for sure.

Seattle Scavenger Hunt Proposal

The final card he gave me was very cute and sweet. I still couldn’t figure out the clue…. but he drove us to Alki Beach in West Seattle. We parked the last “H” from the card stood for “Hiking”. So we “hiked” along the waterfront… when we came upon rose petals leading as a path down the stairs to the beach and wrapped around the corner… we followed the flowers around the corner to a beautiful scene of flowers in the sand with red and white balloons that had hearts and the word “Love” on them.

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Chad got down on one knee and asked me to marry him… and of course I said YES!!!! Unfortunately… I cut the moment short by blurting out “Who is here…. Who helped you?”… I looked behind me and I see a figure crouched low in the sand with a giant camera…. Of course it was Amanda…. How could I not have predicted this???? And Jeff soon came around the corner too…. They were dressed as hobos… and had been trailing us the entire day taking pictures! They bought long trench coats and ugly hats… Amanda dyed her hair black and Jeff darkened his beard with mascara…. All in all they looked adorable and I can’t wait for all of you to see pictures of them!

All in all it was a magical day and Chad definitely outdid himself… definitely set the bar high for future dates. I am so excited for our life together and see what God has in store for us.


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Photos by: Jeff & Amanda