Hannah and Cecilio

How We Met: Cecilio and I just graduated from high school in 2007. We were both going to the same community college and about to be involved in the school newspaper there (so we had 2 classes together: a journalism grammar class and the newspaper). We both were a part of each other’s high school newspapers senior year, and we wanted to continue on with that.

Back when Myspace was still around, he asked about it in our community college boards. I responded so he added me as a friend. We talked a little bit, and I eventually added him on Facebook. On the first day, I came late to class (because I had no idea where the buildings were), and I was looking for him. When class ended early, I walked behind him (not intentionally) and a driver comes up to me asking me for directions.

When Cecilio saw that it was me behind me, we talked a bit and walked around before our newspaper class. It was pretty awkward the first day, but we grew to be close friends. I even invited him to my 18th birthday party, which was a costume party because my birthday is near Halloween (I’m on the far left, he on the far right). However, I was with someone else at the time.

Image 1 of Hannah and Cecilio

My ex broke up with me, and Cecilio was the bearer of bad news by telling me he was already dating someone else a week later. I was devastated but I did my best to move on. However, we grew closer by talking on AIM or on the phone. We went to San Francisco together twice! First time, with our other newspaper friend to a concert, and the second time was to see my best friend I haven’t seen in middle school. I went over to his house the first time after Christmas and met his best friend Carlos. The 3 of us went to the Memorial Union at UC Davis to go bowling and play arcade games.

Cecilio asked me out the morning after Valentine’s Day (February 15, 2009). I was out with some friends on Valentine’s Day night. I came home at 1:30 am and found a teddy bear and a bag of Hot Cheetos (my favorite junk food) at my doorstep. I called him and asked if it was him. He told me to step outside, and there he was, with a guitar in his hand playing “True Love Waits” by Radiohead. That’s when we decided to be official.

how they asked: We took a trip to NYC between March 24–28. On Thursday, March 26, we both decided to go to Central Park and the American Museum of Natural History. That has always been in our plans, but Thursday happened to be the best day to go there (we went to the Statue of Liberty the day before, and our first night we went to a concert). So we had brunch, took the subway and walked a few blocks to Central Park. We walked all the way across to the museum until everything closed at 5:45.

So we left and sat down since our feet were hurting like crazy. We decided to explore Central Park more and enjoy the magnificent skyscrapers and the nature around us. However, he looked very tense. He kept saying he wanted to walk around more even though his feet were “tired”. Finally, we sat down on a bench in a corner near the Bow Bridge.

Image 2 of Hannah and Cecilio

We were talking a little bit about how we loved each other. After we thought we had a bit of rest, he decided it was time to get up and catch the subway for dinner. Then when we stood up, he said, “Oh by the way, will you marry me?” and got down on his knee with the ring in the box. I freaked out, laughing and was super excited. Of course I said yes and almost put the ring by myself! He said,”wait, aren’t I supposed to put it on you?!” Everything happened so swiftly. He said that I have never ever hugged him so hard before. Then we celebrated with champagne at an Italian restaurant near our hotel.

Image 3 of Hannah and Cecilio