Hannah and Brian

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On top of Baker Mountain, Steamboat Springs Colorado

How They Asked

I was woken up at 6 am by Brian, he told me he would be right back as he had left his ski boots in his truck and needed to bring them inside, being as tired as I was, I didn’t think much of it and went back to sleep. We had plans to go backcountry skiing up on top of Rabbit Ears Pass this Sunday, and to give you all a little pre-story, skinning uphill isn’t really my thing….. the end. I woke up about two and a half hours later and turned to see that Brian wasn’t back and I knew something was up. He came back with breakfast burritos (my fave) and assured me that today was all about me and we didn’t need to rush out of the house. We got the base of the mountain and he proceeded to take a Polaroid picture of me and said, “Are you ready for the best day?” … all I could think in my head is, “We are hiking uphill in the cold, I’m not so sure this is going to be the best day…”

We made our way up the mountain and finally had made it up to the top with only minimal tears of fear.. he had packed sandwiches and drinks and after we ate he insisted on setting up his new camera to take some pictures at the summit, and after many rounds of pictures he walked back over and fiddled with the camera once more. He walked over to me and started to tell me how our love, passion, and faith has really been so great and how when you love someone as much as he loves me, there’s only one thing left to do, (I know there was more, I honestly blacked out and tears were streaming by this point).

Where to Propose in On top of Baker Mountain, Steamboat Springs Colorado

He got down on one knee, in the cold, on a cliff, and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes and also couldn’t help but notice the ring inside the box was my mother’s original engagement ring and wedding band which made this even more special as my parents have been married for over 30 years now. After the main event we popped some champagne, that was also carried up by Brian, and talked about how excited we are for our future. The ring has been reset (since it had been so worn down by my mom) and resized into the most perfect ring. We are planning our wedding and the big day is July 19, 2019, up in Petoskey, Michigan where Brian is from. I am beyond lucky and very blessed by this man and holy cow I’m tearing up writing this. I am SO ready for the rest of our lives.

Ahhh I’m sure you guys are curious, yes Brian attempted to take a video, and YES the camera cut it off from the cold just as he got down on one knee. So it’s a cliffhanger and slightly torturous to watch.