Hannah and Brenton

How We Met

We met working together in our first job. From the first time I stared at him across the registers I knew we had something special. Over time we spent more and more time together. He eventually asked me out on a date to a movie. It always makes me laugh because the movie was a comedy and he grabbed my hand and said ‘I’ll just hold your hand in case you get scared’

how they asked

We were sitting in bed opening our Christmas presents. He was sitting there watching me open mine, which I knew where these Disney figurines I collect. When I opening the box there was the ring case inside. He grabbed my hands and went into a cute spill about us and that he told his best mate before we even dated that the only person he could only ever see himself marrying was me. He then got down one knee and asked me to marry him. I was speechless but of course I said yes!

Image 1 of Hannah and Brenton