Hannah and Blake

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How We Met

I met Blake on a blind date three years ago, I had recently moved to Texas from Australia and wanted to meet a southern gentlemen . We went to dinner and as he walked me to my car he noticed i had a flat tire. He spent the next 30 mins of our date changing my tire. By the time it was done we didn’t want the date to end. So we spent the rest of the night at top golf and letting me practice driving these huge Texan trucks. He moved to Dallas a week later but we both knew long distance was worth it. Three years later we are as strong as ever and happily engaged!

how they asked

We had organized a trip to hike around Banff with both our families. We spent 2 weeks hanging out and enjoying ourselves. On one of the last days Blake had organized for us to see a lake that i had been talking about for years. it was the most beautiful lake i had ever seen. We walked to a bench where Blake wanted to stop and take a photo (should have known something was up, cause when do guys ever wanna stop and take a bunch of photos). He was standing so awkward i turned to him to ask whats wrong and got interrupted by him asking “you know how much i love you right, he then proceeded to get on one knee and ask me to marry him. It was the most perfect day and I’m so excited to marry my best friend.

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