Hannah and Blake

How We Met: We met on a blind date 3 years ago in Houston. It was the perfect first date, except for the fact that i ran over a nail on the way there and now had a flat tire, so not only did he spoil me with dinner but he changed my car tire as well. We saw each other the next day and it was like we had known each other for years. Soon after that he moved to Dallas Texas where we continued to date long distance for the next 2 years. Even though we don’t always live in the same city he is still my best friend and the one i wanna spend my life with.

Image 1 of Hannah and Blake

how they asked: We were traveling with both of our families to Banff Canada and on the way we stopped at Lake Moraine, Alberta Canada. As we walked around the lakes edge there was this little wooden bench Blake thought would make a good photo. As both our families took photos he turned to me and said “you know how much i love you right”. Before i could turn my head and answer he was on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I instantly started to cry as did most of our families. After all the excitement was over we had realized that with all the crying and shaking i had dropped the ring! After it was found the celebration begun and it was not only the perfect holiday but the perfect engagement.