Hannah and Bishoy

how we met

I met Bishoy in the Summer of 2010 near John Carroll University. I recently moved to Warrensville Center Road across the street from Bishoy’s house. My friends and I were outside suntanning in the front yard and had ordered pizza when a silly beagle named Napoleon ran across the street for a slice. Bishoy’s roommate came over to take Napoleon home and in passing mentioned a party that night. Later that night I saw my friend’s van pull up to the house across the street and decided to go to the party because my friend was there. I started hanging out with “the boys across the street” more frequently through the summer and attending various events, festivals, and parties with the neighbors, in particular Bishoy, because we just clicked. We officially started dating on October 21, 2010. In that time together we have experienced many fun adventures, vacations, and our love for each other has grown more and more.

how they asked

On February 11, 2016 we went to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World with my high school best friend Maria Minnick-Galati, and her husband Jake Galati, who is a photographer with Disney. We had early morning character breakfast reservations at Crystal Palace. Once we got into the park Bishoy realized he lost his wallet at some point and him and Jake had to run out to the car. When they came back he hadn’t found it but we decided we would take care of it later and take pictures in front of the castle before it got crowded. Maria and I took a few cute pictures with and then with Bishoy.

After the pictures Bishoy took my hand and said, “I’m sorry we got off to a rough start this morning, but this has always been your special place, the past few years it has been our special place, and now it will always be our special place. Will you marry me?” I proceeded to scream “Oh my god, are you serious, yes!” and jumped around a lot.

It was the perfect proposal in the perfect spot, our forever special spot. We went to our character breakfast and everyone was so excited, then we went to the guest relations area to check if the wallet was found. We were so lucky and the wallet was found and returned with everything in it! We got “happily ever after” pins to wear throughout the park and I got a Mickey Mouse Ears Wedding Veil to wear.

Special Thanks

Galati Photography LLC