Hannah and Billy

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How We Met

It all begin in Springfield, MO…. Living with three, single girls is always fun and crazy, but when three single guys moved in the bottom apartment things became even more interesting. I’m sure you can guess what happened, we all started hanging out and dating. It sounds like an episode of FRIENDS, but it was actually my last semester of college. I’ll never forget calling my dad and telling him that three guys moved in downstairs. His response was, “Hannah, keep your head down or I’m sending you to a convent. Finish strong.” I was six months away from moving back home to St. Charles to student teach. A relationship was about the last thing I needed. Well, fast forward six months and I was saying goodbye to Billy and we started a long distance relationship. It was the hardest thing we’ve done and most people definitely thought we were crazy. We survived Billy moving to Arkansas and Kansas City, and then finally taking the leap of faith and moving to St. Charles for us. That was two and a half long years of phone calls, FaceTime, and sometimes months between visits. We were so excited to be living in the same town. In April of 2017, we bought our first home together and we barely even had one box unpacked before my engagement ring jokes really took off.

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how they asked

On December 28, 2017, Billy called me while he was at work asked me to go on a date with him and he wanted to plan it. I agreed and went about my day of lounging on Christmas Break. It’s a perk of the teacher life! When Billy got home he asked me to start getting ready so I began to curl my brand, new extensions and was already thrilled with that. He kept asking me what I wanted to do even though he said he would plan the date. Of course, that really annoyed me. We headed toward Main Street St. Charles and parked. Well, he decided we were going to Big As so we had to walk two blocks in the freezing cold. I’m sure you can imagine the grief that I was giving him. We sat down at Big As and ordered some beers. He was in a great mood and I was less than thrilled to be there. I usually love a casual date , but I was not feeling it tonight. It was hot in the bar and my head was heavy from my new extensions. I swear I can’t make this stuff up. Billy ordered food and then another round of beers, and another. I was truly annoyed at this point because we had been talking about going to a movie or finding something else to do, yet he kept ordering beers. Little did I know, he had my best friend with a photographer coming at 7pm. We got there at 4:30pm so he had to delay.

After drinking some water, getting some air, and leaning my head against the wall, I was in a much better mood. He had joked earlier about getting a pickle shot at Mr. Thirsty’s next door. I told him that if we went to do a shot my crabby attitude would be in the past and we could have a fun night from that moment on. He agreed and when we walked next door I said, “Hey it’s better in here! Let’s have a drink!” Of course, he had gotten Shelbie there earlier and was ready to go so his response was, “No, we are leaving!” I was totally confused at this point. We did a quick shot and then started walking down Main Street. Billy was holding my hand a little tighter than normal and was pointing out random things around us.

As we were walking, I was literally saying how badly I wanted pictures of us on Main Street during this year because it’s so beautiful. Then, he started to have us cross the street and I couldn’t understand why since our car was farther down on the side of the street we were already on. I looked across the street and saw my best friend Shelbie standing there with a sign. I was totally confused by this! I couldn’t quite see what it said and as we started to cross the street I saw the sign said, “Will you marry me” I completely lost it and started to cry. I could barely see Billy through all my tears, but I heard him saying the sweetest words to me and holding up my dream ring. Of course, I said yes! We spent the rest of the evening telling our family and friends. It was truly magical.

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