Hannah and Barton

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How We Met

We met online and went on our first date less than 3 months ago. Before we had even met, we had three dates planned. By the time we went on the “3rd” date we had spent a weekend together, I had met her parents, and both of us knew this was the real deal. We’ve spent every possible moment together since. She moved in with me after less than two months! I visited the jewelry store and had dinner with her dad to ask him for her hand shortly after our 2 month anniversary.

how they asked

I’m (the groom) submitting this because she is shy when it comes to this stuff. I had it all planned out for our vacation in Mexico (which was only a week away) but we were laying in bed in our underwear on Christmas night talking. She kept mentioning that she was so lucky to have me and that she hoped I’d never leave. I told her I wasn’t going anywhere but she was persistent saying “You say you’re not but you could”. I continued telling her that I wasn’t but it wasn’t sinking in. I figured why not just ask her right now – I already had the ring and had spoke to her father a couple weeks prior. I ran downstairs and got it out of the safe, went back upstairs and had her sit up in bed and asked her to marry me. I was shaking so hard I could hardly open the box. She obviously started crying and said yes. It was so imperfectly perfect. We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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