Hannah and Austyn

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How We Met

Austyn and I met on Christmas 2018. My sister and brother in law were friends with him first and had decided they wanted to set us up. So they brought him over on Christmas and as I was upstairs getting ready my mom came in my room and said “get your butt down there and make that boy fall in love with you.” We officially went on our first date June 24, 2019, and we’ve both said ever since that first date we knew that was it. We were inseparable ever since that first date and Austyn has exceeded every expectation I’ve ever had.

How They Asked

Austyn proposed to me on my birthday! He took me on a hike to Rose Valley Falls in Ojai, California. Side note: roses have a very special meaning to us! So at the end of the hike, there is a waterfall and Austyn asked if I wanted a picture of myself & Sawyer (our German shepherd) and I, of course, said yes. He turned around to grab his phone and when he came back over to me I could see on his face that something was about to happen. He then got down on one knee & proposed! I was so in shock I just kept repeating “are you serious? Is this real?” He got me the ring of my dreams and we had the best day ever. After the craziness of the proposal, Austyn told me that he has had the ring since before Thanksgiving! He planned the proposal 3 separate times but due to COVID, all 3 proposals got canceled. Despite the ruined plans, I am so happy it happened the way it did and that we were able to come home to our families and celebrate together!

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer