Hannah and Austin

Hannah's Proposal in Monte De Oro Winery in Temecula, CA

How We Met

We first met in middle school, but we didn’t really get to know each other until the beginning of high school. It all started when Austin came up to me during our 9th-grade video class and said, “Hey, I remember you from middle school. Do you want to be in my video group?” Of course, I said yes!

We were best friends who became high school sweethearts.

We started officially dating August 31st, 2009 and have been inseparable ever since!

Here are some pictures from our prom together and high school graduation:

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Monte De Oro Winery in Temecula, CA

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Monte De Oro Winery in Temecula, CA

How They Asked

On August 31st, 2019 for our ten year anniversary, we planned a trip to Temecula for a sunrise hot air balloon flight! (A bucket list dream!)

We woke early for pre-flight mimosas and pastries at Monte De Oro Winery, and then boarded our hot air balloon where we flew over Temecula wineries while sipping champagne!

Afterward, we ate breakfast and then explored the Temecula museum and the farmer’s market in Old Town Temecula.

Shortly after, we returned to Monte De Oro Winery for some wine tasting. It is here, in the courtyard, where Austin asked me to marry him!

While wine tasting, we kept going back inside to get another tasting. On our third or fourth tasting, I asked him if he wanted to go back inside for another one. He looked nervous or unsure.. and said, “yeah, we can do that.” But he didn’t get up.. I thought it was strange, but we kept talking and then I asked him again. He said, “yeah” and then again he didn’t move. I remember looking at him and thinking, Why doesn’t he want to get up? Plus, August in Temecula is super hot and he was sweating (which he hates to do) so, I thought, Why are we staying outside? Yet, I went along with it.

Then once he gave me a serious look and started stumbling over his words about how much he loves me.. I knew what was happening. However, I was shocked because I didn’t think that that day would be the day! He got down on one knee and I felt so emotional… I couldn’t believe it was happening.. the day I had always dreamed about was coming true. So, when he got down on one knee, I couldn’t help but cry with joy.

It was such a special moment for us and I found it funny that right after he asked me to marry him.. a group of girls that we didn’t even know started cheering with excitement. It was a special bonus that I will never forget!

Right after, we celebrated with his brother, Aaron and his dad’s girlfriend, Donna, who happened to capture the whole thing. We had a wine toast and truffle fries! (two of my favorite things!) They told me about the hilariousness of Austin watching Aaron hide behind a pillar and a trash can in order to not give away the moment and of Donna rushing to the store to get a new phone right before coming to record the moment!

I am forever thankful for them taking the time to share such a big milestone with us!

That night, we had a yummy crab dinner at Red Lobster. (Another one of my favorite things!) :)

& Not long after, we celebrated our engagement with our whole family!

…I would not want to change a thing!

It is now our time to get married.. and we are so blessed and excited to continue our love story!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

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