Hannah and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I met at a going away party for Grace, one of my friends from college and one of his friends from high school, the day before she left for the Peace Corps. Grace’s mom had planned an adorable party with food from all the holidays she would be missing, including a cake in the shape of a lamb that had been used to celebrate Easter. Of course I wanted to try all the delicious food, so I had a full plate in my right hand already and was trying to cut a piece of the cake with my left. I cut an ugly, lopsided piece of cake and Andrew turned to me and said, “wow, you really did a number on that cake!” To which I replied, “oh I was just slaughtering the lamb for them.” We both laughed and that was it… we spent the rest of the party talking, he asked for my number at the end, and the rest is history!

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how they asked

I’m a medical student and was on my surgery rotation for the past two months. The week before Andrew proposed I was incredibly stressed trying to work 80 hour weeks while studying for my finals. He promised me he would take me on an amazing date the Saturday after I finished in celebration of being done, but little did I know, we would have a whole lot more to celebrate.

We started the evening with dinner at Uchi. He had been telling me he would take me to Uchi for the past 6 months, and it hadn’t happened, so I thought maybe he was saving if for the night he would propose. When we pulled up at the front door my heart raced a little, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much. We had a wonderful dinner, but it went longer than Andrew expected and he started incessantly checking his phone, which made me even more suspicious.

After dinner, we drove to Discovery Green, the park in downtown Houston, and he tried to “casually” suggest we take a horse-drawn carriage ride (as if that was ever going to be casual). In that moment I knew tonight was the night! The carriage took us around downtown to the other side of Discovery Green and dropped us off by The Grove, a restaurant where we had gone on one of our first dates. When we got out, I saw this beautiful setup on their back patio with flowers, candles, curtains (which he had made himself), pictures from throughout our relationship, and a violinist! I wanted to soak in the moment and look at all the pictures, but Andrew was in proposal mode and kept trying to lead me to the spot where he was planning to propose. Before I knew it he was down on one knee and asking, “so, um, will you be my wife forever?” to which I replied, “Can I put the ring on?” and of course meant YES! A small crowd had gathered in the park to watch and after we kissed they all started to applaud and whistle. It was an absolutely magical moment.

Afterwards he gave me three gifts: a scrapbook filled with pictures of us, a bottle of my favorite wine, and a new medical school white coat with my soon-to-be last name embroidered on it. We spent the rest of the night calling our families and dreaming about the future over a glass of champagne. I just can’t wait to walk up the aisle and through life with Andrew by my side!

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