Hannah and Alex

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How We Met

Well my college roommate and best friend Michelle married her husband Bryce our Junior year in college RIGHT before he deployed to Iraq. Alex was in Bryce’s platoon and they are very close friends.

Fast forward to 2012, Michelle and Bryce are living together in Fayetteville NC just outside of Ft. Bragg. Alex lived on post at this time in the barracks. I had just graduated and was working as a waitress and living in my parents house in Maine. I was saving up for a big move to Raleigh!

This part of the story gets a little blurry as Alex never fully admits that he totally pursued me! He got my number from Michelle and we had begun texting back and forth. I was in a huge transition in my life and didn’t see any reason why I wouldn’t make friends with this guy as he lived not far from Raleigh and I really didn’t know ANYBODY where I was moving. (I moved in with 3 girls I had never met when I moved to Raleigh!) Michelle assured me that Alex and I would get along great and that we had a similar sense of humor, so I went along with it. Well texting turned into phone calls and phone calls quickly turned into nightly Skype dates. I think my family and friends found it a bit odd that I was falling asleep at night on Skype with this guy who they didn’t even know and in retrospect it probably was! I guess my heart just knew that I had stumbled upon the love of my life.

Long story short Alex came to Maine in December of 2012 to meet my family before I moved down to NC after the new year. This was also our first time meeting in person. We haven’t been apart since. For a while it was long distance between Raleigh and Ft. Bragg so we only had our weekends together while he was still in the army. It was a challenge at times but totally worth it! It’s been almost 3 years since Alex retired from the military and we’ve settled down together here in Raleigh. We have since brought home our two adorable Labradors, Zoe and Alba and we welcomed our incredible daughter Everleigh Reese into our family this past July.

Hannah and Alex's Engagement in Wake Forest, NC

how they asked

Well we had a mini session booked with our wonderful photographer, Justyn who took our newborn photos of Everleigh. We had bounced a few dates back and forth and landed on November 12th because it would be the baby’s 4 month birthday and the perfect time to capture a Christmas card photo.

The morning of the photos we were in the kitchen having breakfast and Alex asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I jokingly told him I wanted a diamond. I was really just poking fun at him and didn’t think a proposal was in the near future at all as we had enough on our plates with a new baby! Alex says it made him super nervous because he thought I had figured it out. Trust me- I had no idea!!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Wake Forest, NC

So we met Justyn at the Seminary in Wake Forest and quickly began posing and shooting photos because it was a short session and we had little time to waste (not to mention getting a 4 month old to look at the camera is no small task!) We wrapped up our last pose and were gathering ourselves the baby was getting a little fussy so I was completely distracted trying to cheer her up.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Wake Forest, NC

I heard Justyn say, “Let’s just get one more shot…” and as I turned around there was Alex down on one knee!

I was SHOCKED and thrilled and all the emotions you can imagine- and of course I said yes! Everyone asks me if I had any clue and I assure them I did not– I would’ve at-least had a manicure if I had even the slightest suspicion.

Alex had gotten in touch with Justyn and planned the whole thing without my knowing! We are so thrilled to have had Justyn with us for the most amazing moments of our 2016! She will be taking our engagement photos this spring! I just love having these photos- my favorites are the ones where Alex jumps into daddy mode and is holding/helping the baby with her pacifier. He had an engagement ring in one hand and pacifier in the other- It just perfectly captures our life at that time and I will treasure them always!

When I was pregnant with Everleigh I had gotten upset because I always had this plan in my head, the one most women have, marriage first and then babies. I desperately wanted to share my baby’s last name. Alex assured me that we would get married and that all the pieces would fall into place. Looking back I wouldn’t change a single thing because Everleigh will be able to look at these photos and know that she shared in that beautiful memory with us. I think the proposal meant even more having our daughter there to share it. I can’t wait to marry my best friend and share that amazing moment with Everleigh as well. Life has a beautiful way of working itself out, doesn’t it?

Special Thanks

Justyn Lord
JP Lord Photography