Hannah and Alec

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How We Met

We met at the University of Montevallo in the Fall of 2013. We had both signed up to take Yoga as a course to earn an “easy” credit that both of our degrees required. But, that is not where we actually met. We paid 0 attention to each other in that class. At a Halloween party, our mutual friend Dustin pulled a “have you met my friend…”, we talked for a little while and then went our seperate ways. Until we ran into each other at another party (11/16/13), I complimented him on his red vans. We spent the night being beer pong partners, laughing, and dancing. Later that night, I had a message from him on Facebook and we started officially dating 4 days later.

how they asked

I had been planning to fly into Birmingham for a while to surprise my Mom with my Dad. When I told Alec my plans, Alec said he would like to go too since we both haven’t been there since Christmas. So we flew into Birmingham and successfully surprised my Mom at the restaurant Slice. Afterwards, Alec rode with my dad home because they were going to stop at the grocery and pick up a few things. I thought it was slightly peculiar and knew that he was probably asking my dad for permission to ask me to marry him. We had been discussing getting engaged but considering we had just bought a house I knew it was going to be a while before he could. Fast-forward to Saturday..we had spent the day with my grandparents and had plans to meet up with some friends at a new rooftop bar that Alec had heard of, he told me it was very fancy so I needed to wear a dress and he had to wear a coat and dress pants. I was excited to see my friends and enjoy the scenery of my hometown. We get there and my friend Emily and Claire we’re there. Alec said, “Hey Emily, will you take our picture before I get all hot and sweaty.” Thinking this was also a good idea, I thought nothing about the fact Emily pulled out her very nice camera. That is when Alec started fumbling in his coat pocket and dropped down to one knee. I was totally shocked and even asked him, “what are you doing” because I just couldn’t believe it. After I tearfully said “of course”, my friend Hailey appeared as well as my parents, which made the surprise even sweeter to have everyone there.

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