Hannah and Adam

how we met

We have both lived in Rockport, Maine for quite some time and have known each other since we were in middle school. I guess that’s where our story begins. Apparently Adam knew who I was long before I knew who he was. He said, and I quote, “I used to go on the YMCA bus (my bus) and think to myself: ‘wow that girl is so cute’ ” (I had a side ponytail and braces at that time just to give you a visual). As time went on we got to know each other in high school through mutual friends and school events. I’d say the turning point for us was a night in early high school when I had a few friends over and Adam happened to be there too (actually being a set up with a friend of mine — don’t worry she’s one of my bridesmaids, there’s no bad blood). We played a very intense game of “Apples to Apples” and I was immediately attracted to his sense of humor and playful smile. Okay, I’ll admit, he was pretty immature and he definitely laughed as his jokes a little longer than everyone else did, but hey, some things never change.

From there we continued to spend time together off and on over the next two years, but it seemed like the timing was never quite right, plus my parents were very against me “hanging around older guys” (he’s 1.5 years older than me). Let me give you one example: as most of you know I’m the oldest in the family which inevitably means much stricter rules. One time I really wanted to get pizza downtown with Adam but this was not allowed. So I told my parents I was at a friends house and walked to the pizza shop and (I know, so scandalous) ate pizza with Adam! My dad caught wind of this and walked in, pointed at me, then pointed behind his shoulder. Uh oh. I was in a lot of trouble that day, but it’s become a running joke in our family.Adam was two grades ahead of me so when he went off to college I was a junior in high school and I broke off our little “love affair”. Over the next three years we dated other people, but I couldn’t help but think about how he had once told me “Hannah Olsen, I’m going to marry you one day” — I remember laughing it off while I pulled a pizza out of the oven at my house. Pizza must’ve been our “thing”; in fact it was.The summer before my sophomore year of college I was waitressing at Flatbread Pizza Co. near my house and Adam and a couple of his friends walked in. Instant panic. I hadn’t seen or spoken to him in three years. Of course the hostess seated him in my section, so I frantically pawned him off to another waitress. I walked by his table several times trying not to make eye contact but after one too many times I had to ask how he had been. I awkwardly fumbled over my words and couldn’t think of a better question than: “what pizza did you get?”, he returned this awkwardness with a even more awkward answer: “sausage.” He followed this with a theatric wink. I thought “well he hasn’t changed since high school”. I walked off and he cringed at his friends wondering why he had just answered the way he did.This time the pizza worked its magic and we were dating only weeks after. Adam finished up his senior year of college in Maine and followed me to Boston where he graduated with his Master’s in Business Administration at the same time I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Neuroscience. Two nerds in love. While this paragraph leaves out a lot of important details and milestones for our relationship, the bottom line is that we found each other again and the timing couldn’t have been more right. Funny how things work out when you least expect them too — God is so good.Since graduating in May, we’ve moved back to our hometown, spent time with our families and friends, eaten a lot more pizza, and fallen a lot deeper in love.

how they asked

Where do I even begin… I had been waiting for this day since my first conversation with Hannah and I knew she had been planning her entire wedding since she learned what a wedding was. This meant that this day had to be extra special and very thoughtful. For anyone that knows me I don’t do a great job of keeping secrets or planning things out. To be blunt, I am the worst liar which is actually a good quality to have but not in this situation. In the beginning of our relationship, I brought Hannah out to a small island called Vinalhaven which is off the coast of our hometown. This is where my Dad grew up and where my family summers in our cottage. On this trip, I took Hannah to one of my favorite places on the island so we could have a picnic. We grabbed some fried clams and a turkey club to share while we attempted to watch the sunset. By the time we got our food and made it to this special spot, we had already missed the sunset. It was okay, because we spent the time laughing and getting to know each other better. After this trip we’ve always considered this spot to be the place we first fell in love.Over the years as we fell deeper in love I thought more and more about how I would propose to her. No matter how crazy all my ideas got, I knew it had to be done in our special spot on Vinalhaven.

I knew it had to be in the place where we first fell in love.It’s impossible to explain, but two months before the proposal I had an overwhelming feeling of joy– I knew it was time to buy a ring. That feeling of joy continued to grow as I prepared to plan every detail of the proposal as well as ask Hannah’s family for their blessing. I stood before them in the same kitchen where I had once told Hannah that I was going to marry her one day, years before. This moment was filled with uncontrollable tears, laughter, hugs, and relief that I was finally able to ask them what I wanted to for years. Fortunately for me, they said YES!It was finally the day– October 6th (which happens to be Hannah’s parents’ anniversary). We went out to Vinalhaven again and luckily she had no idea what was going to transpire. In the morning I brought Hannah back to our special spot, the weather just so happened to be perfect. I wanted her to think I was going to propose right then and there just for us to go back to my parents’ cottage and hang out with the rest of my family. That night, I told her to dress up nice for a fancy family dinner. My sister and her friend said they’d meet us there because they were going to pick up another one of their friends. Minutes before we left for the restaurant, I “forgot” my wallet. If you know me you know that I forget things a lot, especially my wallet. This detail made the story very believable so we immediately jumped into the truck after Hannah suggested that I dropped it at our special spot. We rushed over there, walking through the muddy and grown in path. As we reached the peak of the little hill leading to the ocean, we noticed all that I had my sister and her friend set up. The tears of joy filled our eyes as we walked down the aisle of rose petals and into the heart shaped arrangement of candles which had the ring box in the middle – all of which a photographer on the island was able to capture (go check out our photos section!!). Then, the moment we had both been waiting for was upon us– I confessed my love to her and asked her to be my wife.

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