Hanna-Lee and Ethan

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How We Met

Ethan and I met in college at Campbell University during Ethan’s senior year and my freshman year. Ethan played college baseball and I was a cheerleader and we were both working at an elementary school fall festival when our paths luckily crossed. I was working the snow cone machine maker while Ethan was “hardly” working and came my way with some of his teammates. After his request for a snow cone, one was made, jittery hands went for the pass off- and a total mess was the end result. It was quite embarrassing, but in the end- it was fate. We ran into each other again a few weeks later at an ugly christmas sweater party, became facebook friends, exchanged numbers, and the rest was history!

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how they asked

To say that Saturday, June 7th, 2014 was a big surprise will forever be quite an understatement. I had been working that summer non-stop, so for me to have a day off, especially on the weekend, was a rare occasion. I called Ethan on a Wednesday night and told him I had Saturday off so that I would probably drive to his house Friday night after work so we could spend some time together. Ethan then told me, “nah, i’ll just come there” so me, thinking nothing of it, went along with it.

Saturday morning rolled around and he took me on a little surprise adventure- the Cape Hatteras Light House! Once we reached the top, panting and knees shaking, I felt this sense of calmness come over me. The view was more than I could imagine, the fresh air was perfect and I was doing something I’ve always wanted to do with the guy I loved more than he could possibly imagine. Everything was right in my mind.Fast forward about 10 minutes and were finally standing together. Ethan had his arm wrapped around my shoulders and goes “Do you still even want to marry me?” – this has been sort of a line we’ve joked each other with for the longest time now. It was the line we dropped on one another when we were getting annoyed or aggravated with each other, but this time it really had meaning. I quickly answered, “yeah. of course. duh” and kept on staring out over the ocean. A few seconds later, it dawned on me that he never responded. I turned around and with a hand fidgeting around in his pocket, Ethan started to say things, of which I really can’t even remember. At that moment my heart began pounding and my stomach was doing back flips. He went down on one knee, opened a box with the most beautiful ring in it, and the tears started flowing. Right on the top of the Cape Hatteras Light House, he asked me to marry him…. and some time later, I SAID YES!

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