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How We Met

Around 2 years ago, he had just moved to Denver from Mississippi and we had connected through mutual friends, and by mutual friends I mean dating app because I’ve convinced myself it’s not a lie. After a few days of witty banter via text, he asked if he could take me to this local trendy ramen spot for our first date (a suggestion that had already earned him +10 points in my book). We instantly bonded over a mutual love for Asian cuisine, heavy sarcasm, and winter mountain sports – me being consistently impressed with his refined southern charm (do they all have manners like this? How does he get his hair so perfect?).

Fast-forward to 2 years of dating down the road – establishing roommate status & navigating puppy parenthood, my greatest treasure of all being our ability to always find genuine joy in the small & seemingly mundane every-day life moments.

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how they asked

Wine country had been #1 on my bucket list for a while, Hanna Winery in Sonoma County specifically with it’s special significance tied to an old family connection. I was raised by wine enthusiast parents who visited Hanna Winery when I was born, purchasing 1992 bottles to be saved for my consecutive adult birthdays – not only because my name is spelled Hanna (without an H) but because it’s phenomenal wine, obviously visiting for myself later in life was a *must*.

Flash-forward to September 2, 2017 when he had booked us a fun couple’s trip from Denver out to California. Two wineries deep combined with 115 degree heat, I was surprised but delusionally delighted when the vineyard manager offered us a ‘private tour’. Little did I know – a table nestled in the vineyard had been set up with framed photos of us, flowers, cheese, and personalized gifts from family.

I knew I wasn’t just having a heat stroke at that point, and started jumping around like an idiot as he presented the ring down on one knee – instead of saying ‘yes’ I’m pretty sure I literally blurted ‘UM OF COURSE’ instead (good thing my friend Clare filming muted this in the video with a romantic song instead). So much love and planning from everyone involved went into pulling off the perfectly tailored proposal, more beautiful than anything I could have ever dreamed of.

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