Hanna and Shane

Proposal Ideas Maui , Hawaii

How We Met

I met Shane when I was about 18 years old in college!! He and all his friends were headed out for a day on the boat and my roommate had asked me to join. I had a huge test that day and said I would catch up with them later. Later that night we all ended up at our friend’s house for a little bonfire. Shane and I spent the whole night playing games and talking. The morning after I had met him I went home and told my roommate at the time that I was going to marry this guy, but er both didn’t want a relationship at the time. We stayed best friends for about two years before he asked me to be his girlfriend at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

How They Asked

Two and half years later my family planned a Hawaii trip, little did I know that Shane was planning to propose the whole time. The first day we were there Shane had planned dinner but wanted to walk on the beach before we headed to dinner. As we walk down the steps there was a circle of orchids with a message in the bottle!

Shane led me to the circle and handed me the message to read. As I am reading the letter he gets down on one knee asking to marry me!! After photos, we headed to dinner where my whole family was waiting to celebrate. It was a dream come true, to say the least.

Hanna's Proposal in Maui , Hawaii

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Engaged on Maui
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