Hanna and Scott

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How We Met

Scott and I have had several of the same friends all throughout college. He was super senior when I was a sophomore at Texas A&M. He was always that incredibly handsome, way older guy, who I would think “dang” when I saw him at church on Sunday’s. We were sort of in the same friend group but also not quite. Scott showed up at my 20th birthday party at my house (uninvited. Free food. He was so there) so he came with some of his friends that I invited and actually, come to find out, hung out with my parents most of time who were cooking the food for the party. Little did he know and they know that they were his future parents-in-law. CRAZY. Scott says that was the first time we spent a little time together and when he saw me in my kitchen talking to friends he thought I was beautiful.

From that time on he started showing up around me more, with friends, where I was studying, random places, which I didn’t mind at all. Just a few weeks later Scott asked me to go to a Texas A&M baseball game, we totally meshed well, he then asked me to a dinner date and my response was literally “why not”, still a little unsure of dating him. With every date I was more and more amazed at who he was. Our dates were incredibly fun and was oddly just my style. We rode bikes all over our town for a date, sat in an unfinished frame of a house and talked till the sun almost rose again, two hour long walks. Totally fell for Scott early in the game and just keep falling more and more in love with him every passing day. Scott moved away after he graduated, 3 months of dating for us, to Nashville, Tennessee for his job.

Long distance was the most painful, it’s difficult being apart from your love. Long, long story short with incredible faith in God, Scott quit his job (that had a contract that if he quit they would sue him. 8 months later, they still haven’t sued him) and moved back to our town where I still had a year and a half left of school. Now he has an amazing job in the coolest city and I’ll be moving there with him in a few months after were married. It’s been a crazy, incredible ride. Scott has shown the most selfless love and sacrifice for our relationship, more than I could ever ask for. I cant believe I get to marry that guy.

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how they asked

I went on a study abroad trip in Italy for a six week program. We stayed in this amazing small Tuscany hill country town, and traveled every weekend all over Italy. It was week five, last weekend in Italy, so me and some of my friends went to Cinque Terre since it was our favorite place we had visited. The night before we left for Cinque Terre I hadn’t heard from Scott for about 14 hours, the time change was always hard to communicate while I was in Italy and he was working in Austin but this had been extra, long without talking. I decided to not worry and just know Scott was safe and okay, probably just left his phone at home. Once we got to a small town just outside of the five little towns of Cinque Terre, my friends strongly suggested eating lunch instead of finding our hostile first, weird but since I’m pretty low key, I hardly noticed how hard they were pushing us to eat at a certain place and seating arrangements and tons of off things.

I’m sitting at this run down cafe in a random town outside of Manarola, Italy and Scott grabs me from behind and all we both can do is cry. Tears and tears and shock and confusion. HE FLEW ACROSS THE WORLD TO PROPOSE TO ME. I was so incredibly happy to see him, my man and my love was here in Italy. WHAT. Anyways, Scott and I ate lunch together (I was so happy just to see him across from me at the table), we talked and talked for hours catching up and holding hands. Since it was a beach weekend with girls I didn’t bring much of any clothes besides my bathing suit and some strange long shirt that I bought at the local market in town the day before. So by this time I sort of realized why Scott was there, he was there to ask me to marry him.

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It took me so long to realize this because I was just captured by him just being there. I took the quickest shower possibly of my life, threw on what I had while Scott was implying we really had to get to a “certain place”. We then walked slowly down the small, sloped, quiet streets of the colorful town of Manarola in Cinque Terre where Scott led us up into a vineyard he had found early that day. A beautiful vineyard on the side on the hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Scott and I walked this vineyard and shared our hearts for each other, the deep love and honor of being with each other. Tears and tears and tears. We spent about 45 minutes doing this, a precious time before we got engaged,a time I will never forget. Scott, my forever love, got down on one knee, with the Italian sun setting over the Mediterranean sea behind him, and simply asked me to marry him as he pulled out the most gorgeous rose gold diamond ring.

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My heart burst.

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Both of our favorite parts of this whole insane time was right as he was placing the ring on my finger, literally the moment after I said yes, the church bells in this town of Manarola rang! They rang so loudly it was beautiful.

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Most magnificent moment. The church bells were celebrating, God was celebrating, it was the most precious time for us both.

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Only my Scott with his passionate, incredible, and wild heart could pull off something like this. Now, it’s time to get married!

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