Hanna and Kyle

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How We Met

Our first date, he took me to the Ferris wheel in downtown Seattle!

Our friends and family introduced us! So Kyle and I were both newly single and coming out of long term relationships. I was good friends with his sister-in-law and one day we were hanging out and I was complaining to her about some dumb guy I was dating at the time and she started telling me all about her brother-in-law that’d be “perfect” for me! So then her and her husband (my now fiancées brother) threw a Bon fire at their house to get us to meet. When we were there I (apparently) made a (in my fiancées words) “snooty” comment that offended him (about his jeans LOL). And then after that we didn’t really talk the rest of the night. Unbeknownst to me after he left my soon to be sister-in-law sent him a picture of me with a sad face saying that I was sad because he had left then she gave him my number and he was surprised because after that comment I had made he thought that I wasn’t interested him. So right away he texts me and asks me out to dinner the next night! And after that we spent every. Single. Day. With each other. We were instantly inseparable. Actually a week after dating him I called my dad and asked him if he already had the money saved up for my future wedding because I had just met my future husband! And 2 months after our first date I found out we were pregnant with our first baby!

how they asked

So we all (my now fiancées family – mom, dad, sister and her husband and daughter, and brother and his wife, my friend the one who introduced us, and their daughter) decided to take a family trip up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival near Mount Vernon, WA where there are just fields of tulips in bloom during the month of April (it is GORGEOUS). And all along Kyle was planning on proposing while we were up there, because his main thing was that he (well the both of us) wanted to get a picture of the proposal and his sister-in-law just got a brand new camera for her birthday so it was perfect. So his sister-in-law is taking “family pictures” of us and he drops down on one knee in the middle of a field of red tulips!

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It was so gorgeous and unexpected and I was so happy to have all of his family there to share it with! And then after the proposal my soon to be father-in-law had brought along a bottle of champagne and glass champagne flutes to toast the engagement. So he pops the bottle of champagne in the middle of this field of tulips (and hundreds of other people) and the cork flys 20 feet in the air nearly missing a family standing next to us and we all proceed to toast and drink (which I’m pretty sure is illegal LOL) to the engagement.

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