Hanna and Gabriel

How We Met

Even though my (now) fiancé and I went to the same small town high school, we ran in separate circles and went to rival colleges after we graduated. I went to TCU and he went to TTU. After I graduated TCU, I was accepted to TTU for graduate school. My last semester at Texas Tech, Gabriel and I ran into each other at a bar. I asked him to dance because none of my friends knew how. He ended up dropping me and dislocating my knee.

It took me days to tell him because I was worried he would stop asking me out. After I finally went to the doctor I worked up the courage to let him know why I hadn’t gone on a date with him yet. Well he never stopped asking me out, and we’ve been dating ever since.

how they asked

This year TCU and Texas Tech were scheduled to play in Lubbock where we live. We each invited all of our college friends to come stay with us and enjoy some healthy riverly, however most of my girl friends said they couldn’t come. Little did I know, Gabriel had the proposal in the works for months and had my friends fly in to surprise me. That morning we had planned to met at a local winery to watch a friend play guitar. As I walked in I saw one of my best friends from TCU and I automatically knew what Gabriel was up to.

Our friend began to play our song, ‘One I Want’, as he got down on one knee and asked me to spend our lives together. I still get teary eyed when I think about how much love and effort Gabriel put in our engagement. It’s a story I’ll gladly share with anyone who asks for years to come!

Special Thanks

Katie Rhatigan
 | Planning
Clare Macnamara
 | Planning
Hunter Lamberth
 | Music
James Allen
 | Ring