Hanna and Derek

Image 1 of Hanna and Derek

How We Met

Derek and I met while working at Starbucks together and fell for each other right away.We had our first date at Disneyland and had to hide our love for each other at work because you weren’t allowed to date coworkers.Finally we left Starbucks and I actually started working at Disneyland!

how they asked

2 years later Derek and I went to Disneyland with his family and Derek had a whole surprise proposal set up that I had no idea about. His whole family and I all went to take a picture in front of the castle and right when we were about to take the picture together Derek got down on one knee with the ring and proposed to me!

Image 2 of Hanna and Derek
It was the most amazing day neither of us will ever forget!

Image 3 of Hanna and Derek

Image 4 of Hanna and Derek

Image 5 of Hanna and Derek

Special Thanks

Stephen Ginesi
 | photographer