Hanna and David

How We Met

We met at Western University 5 years ago. It was homecoming day and David was supposed to have a hockey game but it was canceled for some strange reason so his team was able to participate in a homecoming pub crawl. My friends and I decided last minute to do the pub crawl as well. Strange as we both weren’t supposed to be there. I ended up meeting a few of his teammates and they started talking about hockey injuries and somehow teeth injuries came up (weird, I know), then I called over David and told him to smile. He smiled a big smile with a huge gap where is front tooth should be… needless to say it wasn’t love at first sight. Somehow we connected over Facebook in the following days and he asked me to hangout for a few months before I finally caved. We hung out and the rest is history – I loved him since that moment, no teeth and all.

Proposal Ideas Morningstar Mill

how they asked

My friend Sandra was working on starting her own photography business so she asked us to be her models. I asked if we could bring our 9-week old puppy, Jack, and she agreed. She brought us to this place called Morning Star Mill, a beautiful mill with a creek and open fields of tall grass and purple flowers. We took some flowers in one spot on a picnic blanket and then moved onto a different spot.

David mentioned wanting to go back to that same spot and I was so confused as to why he was so interested in this photos, as usual, he wouldn’t be particularly interested in something like this. He gave Jack to my photographer’s daughter so we could take so photos there alone and then stood up to add Jack in and had Jack run over with the box tied around his neck. He untied the box and got on one knee and asked me.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Morningstar Mill

He had to stop me from crying to say what he wanted to say, I was a wreck! I didn’t even say yes, I just hugged him and kissed him. I was in such shock! I’m so thankful we were able to document this moment as it was so incredibly perfect! The best part is he didn’t even plan it until the night before.. he had the ring but didn’t know when to do it. All the planning in the world wouldn’t have made it more special than it was. It was perfect, and Jack approved!

Special Thanks

Sandra Campbell
 | Photographer