Hanna and Dakota

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How We Met

Dakota and I met online in November of 2014. He’s stationed in Germany due to the Army and I’m German, living fairly close to the Base he lives on.

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The social network we were using at the time was super sketchy so I hardly ever even went online, but that day out of boredom I decided to sign on and to my surprise, the first message that popped up was from him and it was very different and refreshing compared to the messages I had previously gotten from all kinds of strange people.

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“Hello Hanna, I can’t help but notice how beautiful you are. I also noticed by looking at your pictures that we have something in common and that is snowboarding. The season is upon us! How excited are you?”.

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He had me at snowboarding! I’m just kidding, but seriously I thought his message was really sweet and “normal” so I figured why not respond. We started messaging back and forth throughout the whole night while he was hanging out with friends and continued to the following days.

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After a couple days we decided to skype and while talking quickly realized that we’ve recently both had some awful experiences in our previous relationships and I mean AWFUL so we told each other that we weren’t looking for anything relationship related and decided we want to be friends.

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Ha! Jokes on us! Looking back now we both knew that it we were going to be more than friends. I invited him to come out to a small acoustic concert that my friends band was giving at a little bar in a town near us and he thought it was a great idea. 3 days later I fell in love with him right then and there and so did he. The rest is history..

how they asked

Dakota and I had been talking about marriage for a while but there had been some complications due to the Army and other things. Well as things started clearing up, I figured that it’d only be a matter of time now until he proposed, especially because I knew that he had already asked my dad for his blessing to marry me, which means the world to me!

Everybody including myself were almost 100% he was going to do it on either our 2 year anniversary or Christmas since he usually isn’t one for surprises. Well our anniversary went by and no ring on my finger so now everyone was set on Christmas, especially because Christmas is so very dear to my heart. The following Saturday after our anniversary we went to a Christmas market at a super cute old castle that we had already went to the year before and we loved it so so much.

Originally the plan was to go to a different Christmas market but Dakota managed to trick me into wanting to go to the castle one instead. Honestly either one was fine with me, because there’s hardly anything that I enjoy more than Christmas markets. Well when we got there we started walking around and looking at different things. After about 15 minutes we started walking towards this section that was super cute looking, decorated with a wooden sled and candles.

Now, I am that girl that wants a picture of us pretty much anywhere we go so naturally I went “Babe, let’s take a picture here. I’ll ask somebody to take one of us!” and he agreed to it. Looking back now I should’ve known, because he hates nothing more than having to take a picture with me all the time and complains about it. Anyways, I quickly found somebody that looked capable of taking a decent picture of us and so I handed the man my phone.

As I was getting positioned for the picture, suddenly Dakota dropped down on one knee and said a bunch of the sweetest things of which I only remember the last part (because I was so in shock), where he said “I can’t picture myself spending the rest of my life with anyone but you! Will you marry me?”. Tears where running down my face, my knees felt so weak and I couldn’t hear anything happening around us even though about 100 people surrounding us were clapping.

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The ring he picked is everything and then some I could’ve ever dreamed of. A dream of rose gold, which he knew is my favorite! Luckily the sweet man that I had take our picture went along with the surprise and quickly grabbed his camera and got a few pictures as he realized what was happening. He later sent them to me.

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In August of 2017 I get to marry the love of my life and we will be starting a new chapter in Washington state! Life is good!

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