Hanna and Chase

How We Met

Chase and I had followed one another on social media, for quite some time but we never had met in person, which is crazy considering we lived ten minutes apart. One night I went out with all my girls to a local college bar and Chase got the nerve to come up and introduce himself. I ended up having a little too much to drink that night and this boy I had just met took care of me like a gentleman. He put his number in my phone, so I texted him the next day thanking him for his help. We eventually started texting frequently and I ran into him a few times a local flag football league. The craziest thing about Chase and I meeting was the week we met he was supposed to be going active duty for the Navy but fate got in the way.

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How They Asked

Chase had told me the entire week we were going to an early anniversary dinner on Saturday. He said he wanted where we were going for dinner to be a surprise. So as we get in the car he blindfolded me while we were on the way. We pulled up to the “restaurant”, I still blindfolded. Chase led me into place and told me to take off the blindfold. He was down on one knee, asking me to marry him. I, of course, said Yes!

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He stands up to hug me and I hear cheers coming from my left. I glance over to see our family and closest friends standing on a dock, which was by far my favorite part. Chase hired Ash Events to take care of the process. Ashley brought in someone to do lighting, photography, and videography. We were under a pavilion that had lights hung all around it, rose petals and candles everywhere, and a champagne toast to top it off. It was magical. This was definitely a dream proposal.

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