Hank and Morgan

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How We Met

Hank and I officially met in 9th grade. We had gone to the same middle school and knew of each other but never really spoke. One random night, Hank was at a party where he did not know anyone and decided to text random people on his phone. I was at a sleepover with some friends when I got a text message from an unknown number – it was Hank. We became fast friends and would talk all the time.

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We joked that we could even be related because our families were so similar. Hank asked me to put in a good word for him with my best friend and they soon started dating. I started talking to someone else too but Hank and I were almost always texting. A few months later, we both found ourselves single and finally admitted our feelings to each other and started dating. That was January of 2008 when we were 14 years old and we have been together ever since!

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how they asked

After four years of long distance, I went to get my master’s in Philadelphia and he moved to New York City for work and we were finally able to see more of each other. I savored our weekends together but I was super excited for my best friend, Samantha, to come visit me in Philadelphia the weekend of her birthday, even if it meant I didn’t get to see Hank. That being said, when she cancelled her trip because of family conflicts I was really upset but more than happy to sulk in New York. Hank knew I was disappointed and made us reservations at a restaurant in Brooklyn for when I got into town that Friday night. When I arrived in New York we quickly stopped by his apartment to drop off my bags and Hank was rushing me to get ready because he wanted to have time to grab a drink before dinner. We got off the subway in Brooklyn and were walking to the restaurant but Hank wanted to take a detour through a park because he wanted to see the skyline.

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After I finished complaining about having to walk further in the cold (it was January!) we arrived at the park and I had to admit it was a beautiful view and I got a quick picture of the skyline on my phone. Hank began acting very serious and said something about me being patient and all of a sudden he was on one knee!

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I thought he was kidding until he pulled out the most beautiful engagement ring. While Hank was saying very sweet things (that I do not remember) I heard clicking in the background and thought to myself “How nice of a bystander to take pictures of this moment for us!” Then I heard screaming and saw our closest friends all running toward us.

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I then realized that my “nice bystander” was in fact one of Hank’s best friends and Samantha was not in fact at home! I was in complete shock and instantly started crying. Caleb, Rachel, Tyler, Jack, Samantha, Ryan, and Gilbert (all who are part of our wedding party) made the night so fun and special. Hank had arranged for all of them to come in town and planned a full weekend of festivities to celebrate our engagement! It by far one of the best weekends of my life and even though I had been imagining him proposing for years, I could not have imagined a more perfect night or weekend.

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