Hana and Steven

How We Met

I first laid eyes on Steven freshmen year of college. He sat in the front row of our biology class and stood out from the crowd of frat daddy polos with his southern California look (skateboard included). I noticed he was in three of my classes and essentially stalked him for a few weeks. Our labs didn’t start until 2 weeks into the semester and I saw he was sitting on a bench alone in the science building, so I mustered up the courage and went up to him. He was staring at his LG Envy (ha remember those days?!) and I asked if he knew where the chemistry room was and he basically shrugged me off. Feeling defeated, I found the lab and waited for class to begin. All of a sudden, he’s standing right in front of me and asks if I like the Texans. I was totally caught off guard and completely speechless as he pointed to my Texans shirt. The next day I see him standing outside of our biology class and I say “omg you’re in this class too?” (like I haven’t been staring at the back of your head for over a month). We walked back from class together, and he asked for my number.

Where to Propose in Central Park, New York

Fast forward a few weeks later, and we hang out for the very first time. Our dorms were right across from each other and we decided to “study biology” that night. We ended up talking until 5 or 6 am and immediately became best friends. We were attached at the hip for about a year and a half until I told him I couldn’t be friends with him anymore because I was obviously head over heels. We decided it was probably best to spend some time apart, but after a few weeks, he discovered he was in love with me too.

Hana's Proposal in Central Park, New York

It was the first time I skipped organic chemistry (for no reason) and I was laying in my bed when I get a call from Steven. He flat out asks me to be his girlfriend and now that I held all the cards said: “I’ll think about it”. Of course, I said yes, and the rest is history.

how they asked

Fast forward a few years later, after graduation, we both moved to Dallas and finally ended up in New York City. Casually walking through Central Park you often see proposals take place, and I always dreamed that one day it would happen to me.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Central Park, New York

My best friend texted me saying she was coming into the city for work. This was strange because Hannah never works on the weekend so I felt suspicious. We spent all day Friday hanging out, so I knew she wasn’t here for work. Saturday morning I left for the gym at my usual time and came home to find Hannah acting weird and getting ready for the day. She said “have you talked to Steven lately?” and tried to feel out how much I knew about the day’s plans. A few minutes later, I get a text from Steven telling me to get ready for the day and that he was sending a location to meet him later. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his text and I started low key (high key) freaking out. We eventually got ready, and Steven sent me a location.

It was our favorite spot in Central Park (OMG). Hannah and I made our way over to the park and while we were walking on 5th Avenue Hannah got stung by a bee and I had to physically remove the stinger out of her leg (sorry for the delay Steven). I walked over to the park in my ugly beach sandals and had packed heels I intended on changing into once I got closer to the location. We made our way across Bow Bridge and I see a massive crowd ahead. I hear people say “omg is that her? Is that her?” I was so confused why there were so many people and then I see my sister Sarah.

Sarah lives in Dallas and I had no idea she was going to be there. When we locked eyes I immediately started bawling. I then see Steven’s brother David too and my brain completely went numb. At this point, I’ve totally forgotten about my choice of shoes. I make my way through the crowd of people and see Steven waiting for me at the end of a path by the water. He’s surrounded by 12 dozen roses scattered through the bushes and along the stone path, and there were pictures of us from over the years hanging from the trees.

He hands me a two dozen white rose bouquet and leads me down the path. Once we reached the end of the path along the water, Steven went into his proposal which I don’t even remember. He got down on one knee and to my surprise picked out the exact ring I had been showing him for the past couple of years. I obviously said yes, and I’ll remember this iconic Central Park fairytale proposal the rest of my life.

He flew in my sister and his brother as a surprise, which made the day so much more special sharing it with them. Also, shout out to the people on the boats and on the other end of the path that got to witness our engagement and cheer us on.