Hana and John

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How We Met

John and I were both fresh out of relationships when we met on happenstance. We always joke about how fate brought us together but I really do believe we are soulmates and were meant to meet exactly when we did. From the day we met, he swept me off my feet and quickly we became inseparable. I was already so beyond happy because he would make small efforts to make me smile, like driving nearly two hours to surprise me with Gatorade and soup when I was sick and home alone. Little did I know we could be even happier!

how they asked

We’re from Toronto, Canada but recently his sister moved to LA so he organized a trip for us to visit her. I had a hint that something was going to happen because he was receiving odd messages like a text from my mom asking if he was nervous for tomorrow LOL. But when the time came, I was caught by total surprise! He took me to the LA County Museum of Art and while I was looking for a good spot to take photos by the urban lights, there he was on one knee. John and his sister orchestrated the whole thing with a photographer to surprise us with candid engagement photos. We’re now happily planning our wedding that’s in about a year and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

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Thanks for hearing our story and thank you for sharing the beautiful love stories. All of your posts brighten up my day!

Hana and John

Special Thanks

Tarren Mnoz
 | Photographer