Hana and Darko

Image 1 of Hana and Darko
Darko and I dated for 3 years before he proposed. He had been telling me for the longest time that he was nowhere near ready for marriage so i did not expect a proposal. For my favorite holiday (Valentines day) we decided to go to Louisville and spend the day there. The week before Valentines day he started giving me these handmade scrolls that he had typed out on paper, each scroll was titled “reasons why i love you”. With each scroll he gave me a small gift (chocolate, flowers, etc). We had planned a romantic day together for Valentines day but what we got was far from it. It was freezing outside and too cold to even leave the car. My hopes for the perfect Valentines day were crushed. Just as the day began to end and the sun to set we pulled up to the walking bridge in Louisville and parked underneath it facing the sunset. He pulls out another scroll and hands it to me. As im reading through all of his sweet words i reach the end and the last line reads “will you marry me”. I look up completely bewildered and with shaking hands and a goofy smile the love of my life asked me to be his wife.