Halsey and Dennis

How We Met:

Denny and I met when I worked in the gym at Salisbury University. He would come in almost every day and try to talk to me, hug me or just drive me crazy(but I secretly loved it).

After my best friend who also worked at the gym told him I was taken he slowly stopped visiting me and months went by without any visits.

Shortly after summer started Denny commented on some of my Facebook pictures, at this time I was newly single, so I decided to give him a chance.

Our first date was on his family’s boat out in Annapolis. This was by far the best first date I had ever had!

how they asked:

On our 4 year anniversary Denny planned a dinner by my work in Silver Spring, MD. We had an amazing dinner at AGs Kitchen and met the Chef/owner who happened to be there that night.

After dinner Denny had planned to go to a dance contest down the street. His cousin was the mc so we wanted to check it out. As we arrived to Veterans Plaza there were a few dancers at the front with a small audience.

We said hi to Denny’s cousin Nate and before I knew it we were being called up to the front. I thought it was a way to embarrass us on our anniversary.

As we started to dance Denny started looking really nervous and the song ‘Marry Me’ by Jason Derulo started playing. I knew right then what was about to happen.

Image 1 of Halsey and Dennis

Image 2 of Halsey and Dennis

After I said yes I turned around to see all of our family and friends behind us! That had all known for over a month and all kept it a secret!

Image 3 of Halsey and Dennis

Photos by: Jonna Michelle | Video by: David Parks