Halloween Proposal | Jessica and Nicholas

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How we met, her side: Both Nicholas and I were dating other people when we first met, but we hung out in the same circle of friends. After some time went by, we became closer friends and one day Nicholas told me that he had feelings for me. At first, I didn’t believe him, and was apprehensive about how his “feelings” would change our friendship. A few months passed by and eventually I discovered that I had “feelings” for him as well. Eventually we went on our first date and I was able to call my best friend my boyfriend. After 5 & 1/2 years together were still best friends and happy about starting our future together.

how they asked, his side: Jessica is a big Halloween fanatic. Every year on Long Islamd there is an event called “The Rise of the Jack-o-Lanterns” at Old Westbury Gardens. Over 5000 carved jack-o-lanterns light up the gardens of this historic estate. Jessica being a huge Halloween enthusiast invited all of her friends to attend the event. She didn’t know, but I was working with the staff of “The Rise” to make this a very special proposal. As we walked through the dazzling display, everyone would stop and take pictures of the carved jack-o-lanterns. Jessica had stopped to take a picture of one display and when she turned back to the group she didn’t see me anywhere…

It was very crowded and dark so she began to call my name. My brother Toommy pointed out a very special carved pumpkin by saying “hey Jess look at that pumpkin!” I was standing right in front of a pumpkin that read “Jessica will you Marry Me?”
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I took her hands and dropped to one knee and asked her to be my wife! She happily said yes!

Jessica had no idea that the large group of friends we had come with were all in on the surprise! Cameras started flashing and the whole event was captured on video. We are both are so grateful to have been surrounded by family and friends!

However, the surprise wasn’t over! At the end of the display we were greeted by even more family and friends! Both of our parents and families were waiting for us with balloons and champagne! The night ended as we went to pick up are very special pumpkin and meet the artist who carved the special message! It was a truly magical night.

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