Hallie and Porter

How We Met: I was visiting Florida over the summer of 2010 with one of my girlfriends. I had met Porter one day while on my visit. We exchanged numbers and continued to talk just as friends. I returned home and decided that growing up in a small, middle of no where town I wanted to get out and see the world. So I packed up all my things and decided to move to Florida. Porter and I stayed friends through my transition. He even helped me find a perfect apartment and helped me get settled in and feel right at home. It was after I saw how amazing and caring he was in that process that we began dating.

how they asked: It was a super sunny day, with absolutely no clouds in the sky. I knew it would be a perfect sunset and even though we are 5 minutes from the beach, we rarely ever make it out to see. I had texted him on my way home asking him if we could go out and watch it. He replied ” I am not feeling the best, I’ve had a long day, I’d rather skip it.”

So I decided if he wasn’t feeling well, it was going to be a Pajamas and ice cream kind of night. We cuddled on the couch and watched a couple movies and being lazy had finally caught up with me and I fell asleep in his arms. He woke me up by whispering in my ear, “It’s a gorgeous outside, and the moon is big and bright. Do you want to go walk the beach?”

I was extremely tired by then, but we had not been out to Siesta Key beach at night since our first date almost a year and half ago, where he took me on our first date and we shared our first kiss. So of course I was going to jump at the opportunity to go relive some old (and of course one of my favorite) memories. We hopped in the car, sleepy hair and all and took the short drive out to the beach. When we arrived I decided to leave my phone in the car. I wouldn’t be needing it at the time anyway.

The main access walks directly out to the red lifeguard tower, which is the color lifeguard stand we were standing on that September night when he lifted me up, held me in his arms, and first planted a big one on me! I was so excited to be back with him there again. He held my hand as we walked the long walk out to the actual beach. When we arrived to the lifeguard stands all of them were taken, but I was insisting we wait for the red one. I at the time did not know that my future husband was about to pop the question, but I was making this way to easy for him, as I was the one insisting we go, exactly where he was planning on taking me.

The couple that was standing there decided it was their time to leave and I of course ran through the sand, which is not very cute or graceful and jumped on, claiming it it as ours before another couple had beaten us to it. We climbed the steps to the tower and leaned against the railings looking out over the gorgeous water and bright beautiful moon. He stood behind me and held me in his arms. He let go for a second and I felt a tug on my shirt. Now if you knew my fiance, and how much of a jokester and a pain in the butt he can be, you would understand my first reaction to this was to swat his hand away and keep to enjoying myself. When I felt a second, harder, and more persistent tug on my shirt I turned around. That is where I saw the love of my life, on one knee, holding a tiny square open box which held his late grandmother’s ring. In all honestly, I couldn’t tell you the words that came out of my fiance’s mouth at that time because I was overcome with a thousand different emotions. I screamed and cried yes and jumped in his arms and we finally got to relive our first kiss.

After a couple amazing moments of admiring my new stunning ring and of course my incredibly handsome fiance, I reached for my phone, which of all times I had left in the car. I smiled at him and asked politely for his phone, stating “I NEED TO CALL MY MOM!” He looked at me with a smile and said “Call your father first, he is expecting your call…” I looked at Porter in question. “You told him you were going to ask me?” and he replied “Well of course, I called and asked his permission earlier today!”

Even with my father being 1600 miles away, and Porter only meeting him a handful of times. He still thought to call my daddy and ask for my hand. I knew right than more than I had ever been reassured before, that he was my prince charming!

Photos by Aka Photographs out of St. Pete, Florida.