Halieh and Jeremy

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How We Met

Jeremy and I met my freshman year of college. I’ve never believed in love at first sight but after seeing this boy I definitely knew there was something different about him! We met on campus and started going out on dates and something inside of me just knew that this was the man I was going to marry. We’ve been together ever since!

how they asked

Jeremy and I went to a friends cabin for the weekend and even though I knew the ring had been ordered, he said it wouldn’t be here until sometime within the next week. So either it wasn’t happening in the most perfect, winter setting or he lied to me about the ring arrival. Either way, my expectations were little to none. So we all have a fun day of four wheeling, sledding, playing in the snow, building a giant snowman named Julio and drinking hot coco in front of the fireplace. As the day went on, the last bit of hope I had that he’d propose during this trip was gone because we’d be leaving the next morning. By the time 1am hit I was so ready for bed but Jeremy and all the guys suggest we go have a bonfire. I reluctantly agreed, knowing that if it lasted longer than an hour I’d definitely be excusing myself to go sleep.

30 minutes later I’m freezing cold and totally freaked out by all the coyotes when Jeremy turns to me and tells me he loves me with tears in his eyes. He gets down on his knee, pulls out a white ring box and asks me to marry him and I can honestly say I blacked out during all of it!

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In shock of being asked the question I’d been waiting for my whole life, I had a tiny freak out moment, leaving the poor guy in the snow for longer than I’m sure he was hoping. After the freak out was over, I of course said yes! Jeremy got back on his feet and immediately threw his arms around me and that’s when I noticed how badly he was shaking!

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When all the hugging and crying ended, I was finally able to take a closer look at the ring. Turns out, he didn’t lie about the timing of the ring delivery. He explained to me that when he bough the ring the jeweler gave him a fake replica of the real thing just in case the real one hadn’t come in time. Turns out he had the whole trip planned all along. (And all the friends were in on it!)

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I was on cloud 9 and my cheeks were killing me from all the smiling!

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