Halie and Justin

How We Met

Our Story Started back in 2011… We met when fate put is in seats right next to each other in Social studies class our sophomore year of high school. We talked every day in class and he even messaged me on Facebook to ” talk about homework”. When I went to give him my number over messenger. I accidentally gave him the wrong number. A few. days went on and I thought he was a jerk for not texting me.. He also thought I was a jerk for not responding to his text. I went back on messenger to look at our conversations and revised I gave him the WRONG NUMBER !!! Our First Kiss story is a little more interesting though.

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After talking for a while I planned a get together with my best friend, 2 of our guy friends then and Justin. We spent the night awkwardly talking and watching Americans Funniest Home Videos on the TV in my parents back living room. That night, it just so happened to be snowing very hard. I went to walk Justin to the dining room to say goodbye and he pulled me aside and said “do you want to go out” and my ditsy self-thought he meant to go outside, so I could kiss him so I said yes.

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We then went outside and I kissed him while being covered in snow…Later that night, I got a text message from him saying “so does that mean we’re dating” at this point I was very confused. He then explained that he was asking me to be his girlfriend. I then replied with “OHHHH! I didn’t know” and told him he needed to ask me out in a romantic way. And our story when he asked me out… 3-7-11 “Officially” Dating: That Monday after school, I was walking to the bus when he met me in the cafeteria and asked me to be his girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers… I said yes.

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how they asked

After 7 years Justin decided it was time to start our forever. About 4-6 weeks before the proposal Justin and I went to look at engagement rings we went home and picked some that would love to have. I never got to see my ring before he proposed because we made 1 custom ring out of 2 different rings. A couple days later on Valentine’s day Justin went to purchased and ordered my engagement ring. About 2 weeks before we decided to leave for Florida Justin called to make sure the ring would be here before we left and because I wanted rose gold the ring was going to take a couple extra weeks, which would be March 5th, which was after we already left for Florida. He set it up with the jewelry store to have it shipped down about 2 days before the proposal!

I didn’t suspect a thing considering I thought all along he didn’t have the ring… which he didn’t until 2 days before, so I believed him when he said it wasn’t going to happen this trip. Wednesday 3-7-18 came very fast, and Justin I guess was a nervous wreck. He hid the ring in my car under our back seat, so every time I went to my car he about had a heart attack. So we got ready in our best attire because he had told me that we were going to a very nice dinner, and somewhere for sunset. We drove about 5 minutes from our families home and waited until 6 pm to walk to the beach. Unknowingly to me, he was waiting for everyone to get into place on the beach. So we walked on the beach while I was keeping my eyes closed, per Justin’s instructions.

We finally got into a place where I could open my eyes, and I look out to a beautiful sunset, a heart made out of roses and in the center wrote out 3-7-18, I was confused because our anniversary was 3-7-11. While I was figuring out why it said 3-7-18 Justin comes up from behind me and said “you know its been 7 years” then he got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me”. Following the proposal, the photographers who shot the proposal did a mini shoot with the both of us. After that we walked the beach for a little bit, just talking and letting it sink in.

After it got too dark we got in the car and drove to 5th avenue in Naples. We then visited Justin’s aunt’s husband’s restaurant Osteria Tulia where he was a chief at. The proposal was the best day of my life so far. I couldn’t have asked for a better man to spend the rest of my life with.

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