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How We Met

Two, awkward, 16-year-old high school students first started talking on January 1st of 2011. I thought that David was “the hottest” kid that I had ever laid my eyes on, and Dave was playing a little more hard to get. A Gladstone Brave and an Escanaba Eskymo, the two of us went to rival high schools in the U.P. and had never actually talked to each other in person. I saw a picture of Dave on good ole’ Facebook (he says I was “creeping” on him, but I beg to differ) and through pressure from friends, I finally texted him. Word traveled fast that I had a crush on Dave (mostly because I had a big mouth and was obsessed with the kid) and Dave got a special phone call from his best friend shortly after. Austin Young called to say “you know Halie Marmalick? You should talk to her!” (He still claims responsibility for the relationship). The two of us talked nearly every day, but Dave still wouldn’t ask me to hangout! Dave’s favorite story to tell people, to this day, was the day that he walked into one of my cheer-leading competitions.

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He was the last person that I expected to see, so as I was visiting classmates by the front door and THE David Falish walked in, what else was there to do than run away? Yup. That’s me! I ran away from him!! After the cheer leading competition Dave texted me “Good job today ;)” and I thought that maybe I didn’t screw things up too badly after all. Fast-forward a week or two, it was finally the day that we were supposed to hangout for the first time. We had a triple date planned with a few of our friends. Conveniently enough, the other four ditched and left us alone. The rest? Well, after our first date watching Step Brothers and Toy Story 2, a “snowcoming” dance, and two full months of hanging out before he officially decided to make me his girlfriend, it’s all history. A little over six years later, our high school sweetheart relationship that we thought was just that – a relationship that would eventually be over, has made it through some of the best and worst moments in our lives and we have officially decided on forever.

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how they asked

It was a crazy weekend already – I had my college graduation on 5/6/17, and my parents (Matt and Wendy) planned a picnic celebration for me and my brother Cory who had graduated the weekend before. As the party began to unwind, I headed upstairs to my room to pack a bag to go to Dave’s house. He had asked me two weeks prior if I would go watch a sunrise with him right when I got back home after graduation, on the morning of Sunday (5/7/17), so he could test out the time-lapse feature on his new video camera. Our plan was to go watch the sunrise with cappuccinos, then head to 8:00 mass. As I got up to my room, I was immediately frazzled by the 10 unpacked boxes of clothes I had in my room. I called Dave upstairs and asked if he would help me pack. Dave was excited and used this to his advantage, because he got to pick out the outfit I would be wearing for the proposal I had no idea about. Graduation was a stressful but amazing day, and I kept telling everyone that I was so overwhelmed with love that I was close to the point of tears.

If I only knew what was going to happen the next day… It was 5:15 AM on Sunday May 7th when the alarm went off. Dave was ready to go, and I was shielding my eyes from the light. The first thing that came out of my mouth that morning was “can I just sleep in? It was a long weekend and I am too tired.” (Yes, I almost missed my own proposal). Dave, very nonchalantly, (I can’t believe he kept his cool without making things so obvious) looked outside and exclaimed how clear the sky was – perfect for a sunrise! The thoughts poured through my head and I couldn’t help but feel bad at the thought of making him miss the sunrise. He had been waiting two weeks to go, and what are the chances that the sky was free of clouds and rain for once in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan? I sucked it up and got dressed (in the outfit Dave picked out the night before), Dave made two cappuccinos, and we headed on our way to Aronson island in Escanaba, MI. When we got there, it was a brisk 32 degrees with strong winds and a perfectly clear sky. I was shivering, sipping on my cappuccino, and Dave was setting up his camera. When we went to sit down on the bench, I sat on Dave’s lap because my leggings weren’t thick enough to shield the cold from the metal bench. Eight minutes before sunrise, Dave pulled out his cell phone and told me that he had one more graduation gift for me. He started playing a video on his phone that was titled “Through the Years; David and Halie”. The video was a slideshow of pictures that started in 2011, when we met, and went through 2017. As the video went on and tears were escaping from my eyes, I couldn’t help but think “is this it? Is my dream proposal finally coming?!” Well… he kept me on my toes and made me wait a little bit longer for that proposal.

The video ended, and now only two minutes away from sunrise, Dave stood up to go make sure his camera was perfectly focused on the sunrise. I was standing because I was not about to sit down on that freezing cold bench, and in the mean time, all that was going through Dave’s head was “Oh thank goodness! I didn’t know how I was going to get her to stand up!” Dave walked back over to me, now one minute away from sunrise, and began telling me how proud he was of me for all of my accomplishments the last couple of weeks. Going on, saying the most heartfelt things, Dave began to get teary eyed. It was in this moment that I knew. I thought to myself “Dave never cries! This HAS to be it!”. We had spent a lot of time in the last two years figuring out ways to include God into our relationship more. Dave referenced how much our relationship has changed for the better since we started including God and reading the Bible, and he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. As he got down on one knee I was sobbing hysterically and could barely see his face through my tear filled eyes.

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He asked me to marry him, I mumbled out a yes through my sobs, and we noticed how beautiful the sunrise was as he slipped the ring on my finger. We went back to Dave’s truck and went through a note he had written on his phone. He knows how anal and nosy I am about, well, everything, so he prepared ahead of time by writing down everything I would want to know about the proposal process: how they asked my dad, what my dad had to say, when he bought the ring, how naive I was to what was going on, etc.

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He had even told me that he woke up extra early the two mornings prior to go to Aronson island and make marks in the dirt so he knew exactly where to set up his camera to perfectly capture not only the sunrise, but the proposal as well. The two of us drove off in utter awe and excitement as we headed to tell all of our loved ones our amazing news! Six years, 1 month, and 27 days we spent as boyfriend and girlfriend. It is going to take some time to get used to calling each other “fiancé”, but we couldn’t be more thrilled for this new adventure in life!

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