Haley and Zach

How We Met: Zach and I both applied to go on a long term mission trip in the fall of 2013 and were placed on the same team going to Nepal. We actually ended up meeting before then. Both of our youth groups were in Costa Rica at the same time, so we cordially said hi. It was crazy to think that this guy that I didn’t know anything about yet was probably going to become one of my closest friends in just the next few months. We spent 3 months in training in the states, and then lived in Nepal for 6 months. Over that time we both secretly developed feelings for each other.

Immediately after returning home, Zach and I started dating. It really did not take us long to figure out that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We shared our first kiss on our first date. Said ‘I love you’ on our second date. Talked about marriage on our third date. And by the fifth date we were going to look at rings to give him ideas.

how they asked: After three months of dating, I was going to leave early to surprise Zach at his house (2 1/2 hours away). As I went to my car I saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on my my hood. ‘Aww pretty flowers,’ I thought, ‘but how did they get here?’ There was a little note from him attached to them, leaving me a clue that he was just up above me on the railroad tracks. At this point I was pretty sure what was happening, but I was a little “upset” that my surprise was ruined! Of course, he was standing there on the railroad tracks, looking so handsome. I ran up to him, hugged him, and before I knew it he was down on one knee holding the most beautiful ring.

Image 1 of Haley and Zach

He did a great job surprising me. He even took notes while we were in Nepal! One time I said something about thinking every proposal should have a hidden photographer. So when he decided to propose, he asked my older sister to come along to take pictures. Perfect. I just can’t wait to marry him!!

Image 2 of Haley and Zach