Haley and William

How We Met

Will (aka. Trey) and I met in 6th grade at Bartels Middle School in Tampa, FL back in 2006. We were in the same English, history, geography, math and science classes so we were stuck together for most of the day for 5 days a week. I’m pretty sure I only spoke to him on one occasion that whole year.

Haley and William's Engagement in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Orlando

The class did a Secret Santa on a day when Will wasn’t there so he didn’t get to participate. Will decided to pick a couple people to buy presents for and I was one of them. He bought me a purple unicorn with magnetic hooves and proceeded to ask me for the rest of the day (if not a couple days after), if I liked it. It took him until 2015 to tell me that he only bought it for me to impress a different girl. Classy, Trey.

Will and I didn’t really come across each other much after that until we both were on the newspaper staff at Wharton High School. Newspaper was a two-hour course that consisted of maybe 30 minutes of work a day. That meant we usually had the majority of the class period to goof off and hang out.

Haley's Proposal in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Orlando

Will had lots of friends in the newspaper but for me, he was my best friend. I made it my job to make sure he actually got his work done and occasionally pick on him. It seemed like he made it his job to make sure I was included or having fun.

Through this one class that I only took to look good on college applications, we were able to go to 4 state conventions, 2 trips to Disney and 1 trip to Universal Studios. For the majority of the trips we broke off into separate groups but the times we did spend time together were my favorite memories of high school. We did Disney’s Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom for a whole trip because Will would not give up and he also attempted to teach me to longboard. We battled over who would get our graduating friend’s computer and motivated each other to go for opportunities.

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At the end of our senior year, he wrote in my yearbook about his kids ending up in my class one day (I was going to be an education major) and I wrote about keeping in touch.

We hung out a couple different times at the beginning of college. Each time he tried to plan dates with me I would cancel out of fear of commitment. His friends hated me for this but I knew if I dated him I probably wouldn’t date anyone after. As an 18 year old that really freaked me out.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Orlando

Will was patient and remained friends with me from a distance but was always dependable and kind. It took me until my junior year to realize that I didn’t want to just be friends and watch him fall in love with other girls. We went on our first date January 2, 2016 and went to Disney Springs. Only two days into the new year and I had already made the best decision of the year, if not my life. Less than 10 days later we became an official couple and we’ve been going strong ever since.

how they asked

March 30, 2018 is one of my happiest days to date, and not just because we went to the Happiest Place on Earth. Will and I had gotten 4 day Disney passes because going to the Walt Disney World Resort is one of our favorite traditions to honor our first date in a way. We had been planning a Disney day with our friends who were coming into town for months. Maria and Emma were coming down from Kentucky and Missouri, and David and Tyler were going to get into Disney for free thanks to Emma’s amazing mom Mrs. Rose.

We walked into Magic Kingdom and were going to grab a quick picture before we all looked sweaty and gross after a fun day. However, all the guys had to go to the bathroom at the same time as soon as we walked in. I assumed they were just making fun of girls who go to the bathroom in packs and wrote it off. I later found out that they were actually getting the ring out and setting up photo plans. We went to the second floor of the train station facing Main Street USA because there’s a great view of the castle. We snapped one quick group photo and Will asked for a photo of just the two of us.

Everything seemed totally normal until Will pulled out a beautiful gold-foiled book from behind his back. He handed it to me and made me read the pages. It was our story in a scrapbook. The last major heading I read was “This Is Where You Say Yes.” Will kneeled down with a ring in his hand and asked me to marry him. It was the easiest question I ever had to answer.

We then got to spend the day hanging out at Magic Kingdom. It was the most magical engagement I could’ve imagined and I am so lucky I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.