Haley and Will's High School Football Proposal

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How We Met

Will and I actually met at my house, and the first day we met was the date he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was the end of the summer before I went to 10th grade and he went to 11th. But rewind to about two or three weeks prior to us meeting, one of my close friends had text me and asked me if I was looking for a boyfriend or a guy to talk to, and at first I was thinking “Nah I don’t want a boyfriend, too much trouble.” But then I told her “Sure, but he has to be in church.” So she told me that there was this guy named Will that saw a picture of me and thought I was just absolutely gorgeous and that he wanted to text me, so she gave me his number and I text him. We text back and forth for about a week and a half and got to know each other really well, and he ended up telling me that he liked me and I liked him as well. He told me that he wasn’t going to ask me out over a text and I told him I wasn’t going to date him until I had prayed and asked God if he thought it would be a good idea if I did. Of course, God said yes, but I didn’t tell Will this just yet, so he’d ask me every single day for about another week if God had given me an answer and I told him that God said yes.

So we arranged for a day for him to come to my house and meet. So the day he came to my house I had another friend over there with me because she already knew the boy, but I was so nervous and my heart was racing so fast I couldn’t eat. So when he came to my house, he seemed like the sweetest guy I had ever met. Of course since I was so nervous I barely said anything, but he talked to me as if he’d known me my whole life. Before he left, I walked with him outside and he asked me to be his girlfriend right on my front door step.

how they asked

It was Will’s senior night for football. They were playing a rival team that night as well so it was a really big night for him. He had already told me a week prior that I had to go out on the football field with his mom so I could help her on and off the field if she needed it and so that he could give me a rose. Not really wanting to I asked him if I had to and of course he said yes. So I was told that a friend of his mom’s daughter would be taking pictures just because it was his senior night, so I thought nothing of it.

His mom and I get out on the football field (on the 50 yard line), and Will comes out there to stand with us, they call each of the senior football players and cheerleaders names out one by one and they each receive a medal and they give the two people they brought out on the field with them a red rose, but I got three white ones. Still not thinking about it, when everyone else is walking off the field, I start to walk off, but Will sort of nudges me to stay and him, his mom, and I stay on the football field. The announcers go on to say “Will has an important announcement to make.” With him being a preacher, I thought that they had asked him to say something and get the crowd pepped up for the big game, but all of a sudden Will kind of grabs my arm and turns me toward him while getting down on one knee and saying “Haley, will you marry me?” All I could do was put my hand over my mouth, trying to keep myself from crying and shake my head telling him yes! So he puts the ring on my finger, gets up and we hug for a minute and then he gives me a kiss.

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Of course we didn’t get to say much to each other because they had a game to play, but I told him I loved him and hoped that they would win, which they did. Then after the game, I found out that the ring he proposed to me with was his mom’s engagement ring.

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